10 easy steps YOU can take to increase engagement and productivity

In this post-COVID world, four key areas of concern and conversation have emerged for many leaders. They are: the great resignation wave rising interest rates consumer and business confidence employee engagement and development. It is this fourth topic of conversation that is most impacting us here at Peeplcoach. Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful world of […]

What workers want – it hasn’t changed as much as you think!    

The world has changed and, with that, you might expect that so has what employees are looking for from their careers, their employers and their workplaces. No doubt some attitudes about workplace priorities are shifting, but for employers looking to attract top-level talent, it isn’t as simple as adding sleep pods or a ping-pong table […]

Are you a talent-taker or a talent-maker?

In this post-COVID world – and I use the prefix ‘post’ very loosely – we are seeing significant talent shortages across all industries. For some of us, our industries were decimated and we are now pursuing safer and more robust fields of work. For others, the pandemic created the space and time to pause and […]

How to flip “I hate my job!” to “I love my job!”

‘I hate my job.’ How often have you heard someone say this? Probably too often to count. There was a time when I, too, said these words quite often, when I was feeling discontented, unengaged, unheard or unsupported. Fortunately, I haven’t felt this way for many years now. This does not mean that my current […]

How to measure the ROI of coaching

Every business around the world, every CEO and every human resource leader is scratching their head contemplating how they can attract, engage, develop and retain their employees

How much is enough to spend?

As individuals and leaders, we prioritise what is important and urgent, allocating resources to the areas of greatest need.

Every conversation should be a sales conversation

Whether you are a small or a large business, a not-for-profit or an all-about-profit business, a local or an international business, whether you provide goods, services, ideas or even hope, at some point someone in your organisation is having a sales conversation.

What do we do now?

This morning when I woke up, rather than jumping straight out of bed and getting started, I procrastinated. I lay in bed a while longer than usual and scrolled through Facebook. While mindlessly scrolling I came across this video with Reese Witherspoon.

Clarifying your vision and strategy for the year ahead

Every year I spend time thinking all about me. Some might call it self-indulgent or selfish but I like to think it is not only smart but essential.
Great leaders and businesses take the time to reflect, review and reset every year, quarter and month

The Art of War

The Art of War is a relatively easy book to read and especially worthwhile as we face yet another year of change and the unknown. To get you started we would like to share our interpretation of some of the central concepts for you to consider as you try to take control of your businesses, teams, careers and lives over the coming months.