Are your learning and development dollars giving you a return on your investment?

Knowledge is power

Do you know what the return on your learning and development dollar is? The Peeplcoach ROLD™ calculator allows you to arm yourself with data that shows exactly what your return on investment will be. 

How can the ROLD™ calculator help you?

Our easy-to-use ROLD calculator has been designed to help you understand just what your learning and development dollar can do for your organisation.

Taking into account employee productivity, costs for rehiring, the impact of poor engagement and so much more, the ROLD calculator allows you to present clear and powerful data to your team and executive that reveals just how your programs impact the organisation’s bottom line.

This makes it easier to prove your case for budget allocations, program choices and overall learning and development investment.

How the ROLD™ calculator works

The ROLD™ calculator takes you through your costs step-by-step and delivers you the numbers on what your investment is doing for your bottom line.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

ROI % on your total investment

ROI % on your top three costs

How to compare program ROIs

Who is Peeplcoach?

Peeplcoach offers coaching-led, on-demand career and leadership development. We maximise our impact through structured and measurable leadership programs. Our programs have been specifically created to meet the development needs of individual contributors through to senior executives.

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