‘Vestis virum facit’ … ‘Clothes maketh the man’

‘Vestis virum facit’ (Erasmus, Adagia 3.1.60) is a saying coined by the 15th–century writer Erasmus. Today the quote is better recognised as ‘Clothes maketh the man’. It could perhaps be further refined to ‘Clothes maketh the person’. Up until the beginning of 2020, millions of people began their days by donning ironed shirts, dry-cleaned suits and stylish […]

The Power of the Introverted Leader

Words often used to describe successful business leaders include extroverted, charismatic, confident, dominating, singled-minded, focused and opinionated. In varying psychometric assessments, they often appear as high D (dominant), high A (alpha), high E (extroverted) or high red (task orientated or driver). It’s interesting to note, many CEOs also have the same psychological profile as psychopaths. […]

10 reasons why working from home is bad for your career

At the beginning of Covid, individuals and organisations scrambled to put in place arrangements for working from home. Technology, space, noise, safety and communication rhythms were all issues. Now, three years later, we are trying to work out how we can manage going back to work. Most people don’t change until there is a ‘burning […]