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Why Work With Us?

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We know that we can only be successful when we have the right people on the team. The right people are not necessarily the smartest, the most educated or the ones with previous experience in the exact same area.

For us, the right people are those who believe in what we believe in and who are ready to think smart and work hard to make an impact.

Our mission is to ensure that every person has equal opportunity to access an experienced coach to accelerate personal, professional and business impact.

As A Team and As Individuals We Are:


We constantly ask why

Courageously Accountable

we either say yes and do it, or we say no, even when it’s difficult

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we offer a safe space in which everyone is respected, valued and heard.

We Achieve This Through:

Humble Excellence

We strive to be the best while knowing we always have much to learn

Loving What We Do

We share from the heart without fear or expectation.

How Do We Live Our Values Every Day?

Values need to be more than just words. They need to be lived everyday by everyone

We don’t need to micromanage you because we know that anyone who joins us is courageously accountable and can be trusted to do what they say.

You will be provided opportunities to develop your skills and career and, of course, you will have access to your own Master Coach Associate

You will have the opportunity to work on different projects and to test new ideas, and you will be listened to and heard.

All Master Coach Associates including the executive team coach across all programs from Career Development to Executive Programs.

You will have to the opportunity to work with and support organisations and coachees around the world to accelerate their impact.

You will join a passionate and talented team. Some of us behind the scene making things happen and some of us upfront working 1:1 with our coachees and customers. Check out our team profiles – you will be impressed!!!

$1 from every coachee is donated to The Hunger Project every month. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunity and equal access to resources so that they can lead lives with dignity, respect, confidence and freedom.

Every year we set our Mission Score – this is how many peepl we have supported on our platform and through our programs. When we achieve our Mission Score 1% of our profit will be equally distributed to every person – permanent, contractor, supplier or consultant who has helped us achieve our mission.

Let’s Talk

We will constantly ask your opinion to understand what we can do better. We hope you will take the time to tell what you think.

We are a bit ‘squishy’ which means things change, we are constantly trying new things, we move quickly, we make mistakes, we are not perfect but we laugh, we support each other and we will have your back.

If you are interested in joining our incredible team of coaches do you:

  1. Hold an ICF recognised Coaching Qualification
  2. Have the desire and capacity to coach a minimum of 25 coaches – approximately 38 hours per month and own you will “own” your own time
  3. Feel that coaching is a vocation not just a job.
  4. Invest additional time to your development including attendance to our Master Classes and Community of Practice
  5. Understand that our accessible model means that we won’t be able to pay you the hundreds of dollars for coaching sessions you may be used to getting paid.
  6. Have a passion to work with emerging and developing leaders in leading organisations allowing you to build your coaching skills, hours and help you do more of what you love to do.
  7. Love what you do and want to be part of a team that is really making an impact to individuals and organisations.

If we sound like a place you would like to make your mark reach out to us below.