When confidence slips, it’s back to basics

With the our National economy and even the economic outlook globally in such a precarious and uncertain state, it is hard to know just how to plan for your career
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With the our National economy and even the economic outlook globally in such a precarious and uncertain state, it is hard to know just how to plan for your career, your future and your own financial security. The prospect of things deteriorating further, what do we do? Hunker down for the worst? Hope for the best? Stay positive? Or make things happen?

Well, like any elite sportsperson will tell you, when confidence slips, the best course of action is often back to basics. And when it comes to securing your current or new role that means clarifying and enhancing your value, putting yourself in the best position to that lock in that job and some informed career planning. Here’s a quick refresher of “must do’s” in a negative market.

1. Maximise your value

In challenging times, employers turn to improved performance from staff to grow and add value to their business. So, first of all, you need to make sure your employer understands the value you are currently providing and the potential value you are capable of delivering. Be proactive. Ask for a chat and use the opportunity to reiterate your value. Then, consider whether you are able to provide the sort of extra performance that will enhance the performance of your business, and of course, your value. Are there opportunities for growth within your current role? Could you benefit personally or bring new insight through a secondment, internal move or training? If so, promote your cause.

2. Ace the pitch

In a tough market, the competition for jobs intensifies. You need to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light. Top talent know their own strengths, how to best present themselves and how to illustrate their best experiences come interview time. And it often comes down to the “P2” Principle of recruitment – Prepare and Practice.

Prepare well for the interview. Research the organisation and its key people. Prepare case studies of proven successes. Plan to talk about relevant challenges and how you overcame them.

And then practice. Practice. Practice. Even experts need to rehearse their interview techniques. It will make you calmer, clearer and more confident.

3. Plan ahead

Whether you are employed in a current role or searching for your ideal role, in an uncertain market it pays to have an informed “career conversation” with an objective consultant who understands your role, your business and your industry.

So, consider the benefits of discussing your current role and career aspirations with a career consultant. They will help you understand your current value and the options available to you. A number of our candidates work with career consultants outside of their business and personal networks to establish their professional aspirations and provide expert strategies to get noticed in the market place.

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Scott Thompson

  • Title: Business / Executive Coach
  • Location: Melbourne & Northern NSW, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Oct-22
  • Industries: FMCG, Manufacturing, Print, Packaging and Food
  • Companies worked for: Opal, Orora, Visy, HSA Group, Gresham / GEON Group, Cadbury Schweppes, Duracell
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Group General Manager Strategy, Group General Manager Fibre, Chief Operating Officer, Executive General Manager Packaging, National Operations Manager, National Sales Manager, National Supply Chain
  • Qualifications: MBA Deakin University, Graduate Diploma Business Management
  • Accreditations: Executive Coaching – Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology, Currently Diploma of Business Coaching – Australian Institute of Professional Coaching
  • Email: scott.thompson@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-thompson-013386b/
“My name is Scott and I have 20 years’ experience as a leader within publicly listed, private family, private equity and small to medium sized businesses within Australia and internationally. I have held senior management roles across FMCG, Print and Packaging in General Management, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, and Marketing functions. I have led teams through all stages of the business lifecycle including start up, growth and scale up, right sizing and restructuring, through exit and acquisition. At each stage and across different industries the leadership challenge has been unique. I have balanced a successful career while ensuring work life balance was a priority to enjoy family time and its importance. My philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and that everyone deserves the opportunity to work with a coach to help them to unlock their true potential to achieve this. There are many competing priorities in life and business and my role as a coach is to support you to focus on what is important to you and to provide the tools help you to make the changes you desire. As a coach I deliver results for business leaders who want to embrace change, who want to take charge of achieving their goals, who need help to find the time to work on the business and guide their business to increase profitability. I believe the key to my success has been my ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels, being honest and taking accountability for my actions and outcomes. I am a firm believer that “the windscreen is wider than the rearview mirror”

Dianne Flemington

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: 2019
  • Industries: Advertising and Media, Travel and Tourism, Professional, and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Motion Forward Inc, Shooksvensen Ltd, Yellow Pages Group, Bytheowner.com
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant, Sales Representative
  • Qualifications: Certification in Leadership Team Coaching, Certified Team Performance Coach, Brain Based Coaching Certification, Organisational & Relationship System Coaching, Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Accreditations: ICF – Associated Certified Coach, EMCC – ITCA, Lumina Personality Assessment, Human Synergistics – LSI
  • Email: dianne.flemington@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: dianneflemington
“My name is Dianne and I believe that the only way to achieve any real long-term career, life or business success is to manage change and master relationships at all levels. I am a big picture thinker with a performance mindset. As a trained Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach, Life Coach, Certified Gottman Educator and Lumina Certified practitioner I am passionate about all things related to teams, high performance, relationship health, growth and innovation through the collaborative power of people and their unique personalities. Having a background in industries that have been significantly disrupted including telephone directories – Yellow Pages – and real estate, I learnt about the power of teams and the importance of a change mindset. With a passion and focus on career health, wellness in the workplace, diversity and inclusion, I work with leaders, teams and individuals enabling them to take control of their futures and to create the work environments where they can thrive and be successful.”

Jess Ferguson

  • Title: Master Associate Coach
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: January 2022
  • Industries: Professional and consulting services, Human Resources, Australian Public Service, Local Government
  • Companies worked for: Leadership Rebellion, Two Collaborate, Universal Business School Sydney, Employsure, Randwick City Council, Fair Work Ombudsman, Department of Justice and Attorney General
  • Years experience: 15+ years
  • Roles: Leadership & Executive Coach, Facilitator, National Consultancy Services Manager, Employment Relations Consultant, Learning & Development Consultant, Engagement Project Manager, Workplace Relations Consultant
  • Qualifications: Masters of Coaching Psychology, Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Arts
  • Accreditations: Leadership Circle Profile, DISC, Strengths Profile, Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)
  • Email: Jess.ferguson@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicaferguson1/
My name is Jess Ferguson and for the last 15+ years I have built my career as a business leader, facilitator, coach and consultant with diverse professional experience within executive teams, senior management, leadership and organisational development, employment relations and business development. Working as an employee, and in my own company, I have built and led high-performing teams and departments through start up, transformation and high growth agendas. At Employsure, where I held a number of roles, we were recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies and I was directly involved in implementing large-scale operating changes, department mergers as well as countless people development projects. Additionally, I have consulted extensively to organisations delivering programs in leadership development, employee engagement, career development, change management and culture development, across both private and public sectors. My career experience includes working as an executive coach, facilitator, head of premium services, national operations manager, consulting lead, learning and organisational development manager and workplace relations consultant. I have worked in start-up businesses such as Employsure where I oversaw the transformation from 200 clients to 16,000 clients, and 20 employees to 600 employees. I have worked for government organisations such as Fair Work Ombudsman, Randwick City Council, the Department of Justice and Attorney General and for boutique consultancies Leadership Rebellion and TwoCollaborate. I am also an Entrepreneurship Fellow and Associate Professor for the Universal Business School Sydney. I specialise in developing leaders to scale and grow their mindset, self-concept and behaviour so that they can become more authentic, resilient and impactful in their leadership. My approach to coaching is about providing a balance of support and stretch for my coachees. I aim to create space to allow coachees to explore and reflect, to support them to define challenges and opportunities, to enable individuals to see a different perspective and take hold and control of their leadership and career potential.

James Chisholm

  • Title:Head of Customer Partnerships, Co-Founder and Master Coach.
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Oct-19
  • Industries: Engineering, Technology
  • Companies worked for: Honeywell, Plenary Group, NuGreen Solutions
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: CEO, Head of Business Devlopment, GM of Asia Pacific, Executive Coach
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Master Commerce, Advanced Coaching Certificate (Columbia University)
  • Accreditations: Human Synergistics – LSI, Hogan Assessment
  • Email: james.chisholm@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-chisholm1/
“My name is James and I am Head of Customer Partnerships, Co-founder and a Coach at Peeplcoach. I bring over 25 years business leadership experience performing roles in executive general management, board directorship, business development and operational leadership. My career has covered multiple industries including building technology services, asset management, renewable energy and not-for-profit with large multi-national corporations, private companies and SMEs including Honeywell, Plenary Group and The Hunger Project. With extensive local and international experience, I have led teams of many shapes and sizes, including teams of thousands of employees across varied countries and cultures. I enjoy working with diverse groups of people to achieve outcomes with a sense of purpose and alignment to my personal values. My qualifications include BA (Politics and Psychology) from Sydney University, Master of Commerce from University of NSW, Advanced Coaching Intensive program from Columbia University (USA) and the Company Directors Course (AICD). James.Chisholm@peeplcoach.com Feel free to book a time to chat to be here https://calendly.com/james-chisholm/find-out-more-about-peeplcoach-1″

Hilary Gustave

  • Title: Partnership Manager USA and Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Oct-21
  • Industries: Advertising and Media, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Chroma Coaching, Rebound Solutions, Spark Your Brand, Maestro Group, J.D. Power, Capgemini
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Executive Coach, Chief People Officer, Brand Strategy, Senior Director of Operations and Marketing, Insights & Innovation Strategist
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Executive Coaching Certification, Master Science – Change Leadership (completing)
  • Email: hilary.gustave@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hilary-gustave/
“My name is Hilary Gustave and over the last 20 years I have built my business experience as a lead engineer, management consultant, consumer insights and strategy researcher, sales and business development manager, director of marketing and operations, and chief people officer. I have operational experience across various business functions and have worked in range of organizations, including EY (formerly Ernst & Young Global Limited), Capgemini, Umbria (now part of JD Power), Maestro Group, Rebound Solutions, and my own consultancy. I believe that I bring a thoughtful and well-rounded perspective to all my coaching relationships. I have been a coachee putting in the work to achieve change and a goal, and, as a coach, I draw on my hands-on experience, ability to guide the problem-solving process, empathy, and academic qualifications to develop others. My qualitative research background also means that I can skillfully and quickly identify patterns and areas for exploration – both the obvious and the not-so-much. My qualifications include a BS in Integrated Science and Technology and a coaching certification from Columbia University’s Executive Coaching program. I am also an NBI Thinking Preferences Assessment certified practitioner. I am in the process of completing my Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change – HEC Paris and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (UK), as well as my ICF ACC certification (both delayed due to COVID-19). I love working with professionals who are looking to learn more about the business world and themselves, and who are eager to apply that knowledge to the identification and enthusiastic pursuit of their goals. I look forward to partnering with you on your leadership and career journey.”

Felicity Brown

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: ACT, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Oct 2021
  • Industries: Banking & Finance, Government, Education
  • Companies worked for: ANZ Bank, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australian Public Service, Monash University Malaysia, RMIT University Vietnam
  • Years experience: 30+ years
  • Roles: Coach Facilitator/Trainer, Consultant Senior, Manager Assistant Director, Training Manager, Recruiting Officer
  • Qualifications: Master of Career Development, Grad Cert in Community Counselling, BA (Politics), Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training, Associate Certified Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Professional Coach, Associate Certified Meta-Coach, Facilitating Career Development (Instructor)
  • Accreditations: MBTI (CPP), Strong Interests Inventory (CPP)
  • Email: felicity.brown@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felicityebrown/
My name is a Felicity Brown and my 30+ year career has taken me around the world across a number of industries including banking and finance, government, higher education and now leadership and career coaching. I started my career in retail banking, then moved into human resources, worked my way up to Assistant Director and Diplomat with the Australian Immigration Department and made a mid-career change working for RMIT Vietnam and Monash University Malaysia. I have always loved travel, people, and diverse cultures and through persistence and a few brave decisions, I have had the privilege to have worked in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt, and Hong Kong. I am curious, love learning and hold a number of qualifications including Master of Career Development (Edith Cowan University), Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation), Facilitating Career Development Instructor (National Career Development Association USA), Associate Certified Meta-Coach (International Society of Neuro-Semantics), Certificate IV, Assessment and Workplace Training (Canberra Institute of Technology), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Assessment Step I and II Accredited Facilitator (CPP Asia Pacific), Strong Interest Inventory Career Assessment (CPP Asia Pacific), Graduate Certificate of Community Counselling (University of Canberra) and a Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie University). I am an experienced leader building and leading high performing cross-cultural teams both large and small and occasionally involving difficult personalities and tricky situations. As a coach, I will not tell you what to do but I may share some of my many years of experience to help you decide the best way forward. I am a good listener who is genuinely interested in people and what drives them, and I believe that work should be enjoyable. I have a “can-do” attitude and a resilient career story with many ups and downs, so I know what it is like when your career and work doesn’t go to plan. My role will be to help you make the most of your skills and talents to build your leadership skills, manage your career, deal with workplace issues, and achieve your goals.

Evie Suss

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: 21-Nov
  • Industries: Health / Education / Personal Growth
  • Companies worked for: Tyler International, Susannah Tosh, Queensland Health, Queensland Education, National Health Authority
  • Years experience: Counselling – 15 years, Project Management – 10 years, Coaching – in various forms from 1995
  • Roles: Coach / Facilitator / Trainer / Educator /Project Lead
  • Qualifications: Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching, Cert IV Tesol, Cert III Disability, Prince 2 Project Management, Dip & Cert in Counselling
  • Accreditations: ICF – Associated Certified Coach
  • Email: Evie.suss@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evie-suss/
My name is Evie and over my 20+ years of work experience I have held roles in IT, counselling, education, facilitation, project management and coaching. I’m passionate about empowering people break through the things that can often hold them back. I started my career in England leading and supporting busy teams in College Education and working for a Royal Examination Board.   I qualified as a counsellor and then as a teacher / facilitator working in NHS Government Health for 15 years, leading on projects and helping healthcare professionals, clinicians and managers work more effectively and efficiently together through change. In 2013 I moved to Australia and spent over 6 years in Queensland, working in Government Health and Education, and internationally with Young Leadership, transitioning students from Japan and China. Partnering with state and private schools applying coaching and positive psychology frameworks to support transition and change beyond School. Since 1995 coaching has been an integral part of all my roles. I’ve worked with emerging leaders’, teams, businesses, healthcare professionals and privately to achieve lasting business and personal results, dreams, and ambitions. I also work with disabled students, empowering them to define and achieve their goals. I hold a number of qualifications and certifications including Post Graduate Degree in Organisational Coaching, with an accreditation as a certified ICF ACC coach, Certificate IV Tesol, Certificate III Disability, Prince 2 Project Management, C&G Teacher Trainer Cert and a Diploma and Certificate in Counselling. I bring all my business and personal experience to my coaching practice. I am passionate about growth and learning and will use the different tools I have developed over the years to build self- awareness and understanding, increase communication skills and bring a positive focus to internal and external factors to support transition, change and sustainable transformation.

Dr Simone Boer

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Aug-21
  • Industries: Government, Education, Health, Leisure and Entertainment
  • Companies worked for: City of Greater Geelong, TAC, Worksafe Vic, Mental Health Institute of Vic, University of Melbourne
  • Years experience: 20y
  • Roles: Snr Manager of Strategy, Snr Analyst, Research Officer, Snr Tutor and Lecturer
  • Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Science (Hons). Diploma of Project Management,
  • Accreditations: IECL – Level 2
  • Email: simon.boer@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: Dr. Simone Boer
My name is Simone Boer and I have had a diverse career across many different industries but I have always been passionate about people, behaviour and how the mind works. I started my career as a neuroscientist working in the area of research, I then moved into business and strategy roles with my last role being Acting Manager Leisure and Recreation for the City of Greater Geelong. I have worked with diverse organisations such as the University of Melbourne, TAC, WorkSafe, The Mental Health Institute of Victoria and the City of Greater Geelong. As a neuroscientist, I understand how the brain works and interacts with the body and I bring this knowledge and scientific approach to every coaching conversation. I believe that coaching unlocks the locks that are within all of us and enables us to be a better version of ourselves. Ultimately by understanding our obstacles, we can create a plan to achieve our goals. Coaching is a growing journey which allows us to be limitless in our minds and our actions. One of my favourite things to say is, “if we expand our thoughts, we expand our minds, if we expand our minds, our universe expands”. Coaching allows us to do just that. In addition to my background in neuroscience and my business and commercial experience I hold a Bachelor of Science with Honours, a Doctorate in Philosophy, a Diploma of Project management, Level 1 and 2 Organisational Coaching Accreditation, Life Coaching and Accelerated Coaching Accreditation.

Doug Binns

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: New South Wales, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Apr-21
  • Industries: Banking and Finance, Engineering, Techology,
  • Companies worked for: CORE 4 Solutions, Ecosave, TSC Group Holdings, AE Smith, Honeywell, Westpac
  • Years experience: 30+
  • Roles: Principal, General Manager Business Development, Key Account Manager
  • Qualifications: MBA, Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Finance
  • Accreditations: Human Synergistics – LSI
  • Email: doug.binns@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougbinns/
“My name is Doug Binns and I am a Peeplcoach Master Coach Associate. I believe in guiding people and organisations to find their purpose, develop their capabilities, and realise their potential in alignment with personal and organisational values. I have built a successful career working at an executive level, with broad experience across multiple industries, including financial services (Westpac), building services (Honeywell and Johnson Controls), energy efficiency (AE Smith) and software services (Central Innovation and TSC Group). This broad experience across multiple industries, working in national, regional and global roles in Australia, the Asia Pacific region and America, has enabled me to develop a strong set of skills and competencies as a leader and coach, and a strong commitment to helping individuals and organisations realise their potential and maximise their impact. I have a passion for helping people. My career continues to focus on service businesses that are built around understanding and meeting the needs of people. I learned early in my career that my strengths lay in helping people to develop their capabilities and realise their potential. I derive a great deal of satisfaction and joy from seeing people grow through understanding their purpose, taking on new challenges and enjoying the success of their achievements. My coaching philosophy is built around the following four key points. Awareness – knowing about purpose, strengths and development opportunities. Acceptance – understanding the potential for change and being accountable for results. Action – setting action plans to drive positive change and achieve success. Achievement – recognising and celebrating success, no matter how small. In addition to my business and work experience I hold a Bachelor of Business and an MBA, and have completed the Quality Management Program at the University of Michigan and Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also an accredited LSI practitioner. I look forward to partnering you on your coaching and leadership journey. “

Di Kanagalingam

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Sep-21
  • Industries: FMCG and Consumer Products, Health, Professional and Consulting Services, Property Management, Science and Research
  • Companies worked for: GSK, Vicinity Centres, Moment Consulting, Health Scope
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Learning & Development Manager, Senior Human Resoruces Consultant, Principle Consultant
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). Postgraduate Diploma Applied Psychololgy (Honours)
  • Accreditations: GENO Emotional Intelligence, IECL – Level 2, MBTI, Human Synergistics – LSI
  • Email: di.kanagalingam@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: diannekanagalingam
Hi, I’m Di and I am pleased to be one of the Master Coach Associates on the Peeplcoach team. I am grateful to have learned the skill of coaching early in my Human Resources career which spanned generalist business partnering, learning & organisation development consulting and team leadership. I was able to further enhance my coaching abilities by becoming part of a global pool of internal executive coaches and coaching program facilitators at GSK which solidified my passion for coaching and the results coaching brings. I have worked successfully across a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, FMCG, manufacturing, retail, medical research, retail property management, and health technology in internal roles and as an independent consultant. For me, the value of coaching is in its solutions focus and forward moving direction. My coaching style is intuitive and adaptive and I balance the challenge, support and guidance of the coachee towards their goals. With solid experience in the coaching process and a suite of varied tools and techniques to draw on, my aim is to build insight, clarity and action. What I love about coaching is that no two people are the same and therefore each coaching partnership is different and tailored around the individual. In addition to my industry experience, I hold a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, a Level 2 Organisation Coach Certification with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, as well as various accreditations including Genos Emotional Intelligence tools, Human Synergistics LSI /GSI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC to name a few.

Jinn Kan

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Sep-21
  • Industries: Banking and Finance
  • Companies worked for: ANZ
  • Years experience: 10+
  • Roles: Commercial Banking Manager
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce,
  • Accreditations: ICF – Associated Certified Coach, ICF – PCC
  • Email: jinn.kan@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jinnkan/

My name is Jinn Kan and I am a curious optimist who helps individuals and communities achieve sustainable positive change in the areas that are most important to them.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people and businesses to create desirable change, not only as a bank manager assisting small to medium-sized businesses with their financial requirements but as a mentor for university students and colleagues looking to develop their leadership skills and advance their careers.

Coaching is in authentic alignment with my values. Holding an Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation, I have coached people from five different continents and a variety of industries, from business-owners to middle managers to millennials looking to make a difference.

I enjoy connecting with my coachees in ways that give them the opportunity to explore the bigger picture, and their own beliefs and behaviours, so that they have a different perspective on how they show up, who they are and where they want to go.

I am excited and humbled to partner with you on your journey.

Bryan Carroll

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Jan-19
  • Industries: Technology, Travel and Tourism
  • Companies worked for: Travelport Locomote, NCR Corporation, Galileo Southern Cross, Telecom Travtel, Air NZ
  • Years experience: 40+
  • Roles: CFO, VP Global Accounts, Director Buiness Development, National Manager Sales & Customer Service
  • Email: bryan.carroll@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrollbryan/

“My name is Bryan and over my 40+ year career I have held a number of senior management roles across the sales, account management and operations functions in a number of countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, France, and the UK. While the bulk of my career has been focused in the travel technology arena I also have prior experience in the airline and technology industries.

I have always been passionate about the development of people both professionally and personally which is why I love my role as an executive coach. I firmly believe that career health is an important contributor to our overall quality of life. I enjoy helping people to be proactive about their career, to question and challenge themselves and to create goals that can be challenging and fun at the same time.”

Charlotte Rush

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: New South Wales, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Mar-21
  • Industries: Construction and Property Development, Education, Government, NFP, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Inventium, Minter Ellison, Chandler Macleod Group, Bendelta, Macquarie University
  • Years experience: 10+
  • Roles: Head of Product Development, Organisational Psychologist
  • Qualifications: Master of Organisational Psychology, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Bachelor of Business Adminstration
  • Accreditations: IECL – Level 1, Wave Professional Styles
  • Email: charlotte@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlottearush/

“My name is Charlotte Rush and I am an Organisational Psychologist and certified Organisational Coach. Throughout my career, I have worked internally in the talent team of a top-tier law firm and externally as a consultant at behavioural science and innovation consultancy Inventium. As a consultant, I have worked across many industries, both within Australia and abroad. Some of my favourite clients have included Blackmores, BlueScope, Clayton Utz, WaterAid, Starlight Children’s Foundation and Lendlease.

With a love of and commitment to the psychology profession, I bring an evidence-based approach to behaviour change and growth. I am positive and action-oriented with a focus on motivating through self-awareness and a sense of progress. I love sharing knowledge and learning from the people I work with. The areas in which I excel and which I can share with you include public speaking, business development, stakeholder management, leadership and innovation. I am an advocate for women and have volunteered for organisations such as SISTER2sister and Global Sisters.

I believe that everyone should have access to a coach. Often, our biggest inhibitors are our mindset and our biases. I hope to help you reframe your mindset and challenge your assumptions. I will be direct and honest, and I hope coaching can be a fun and challenging experience for you. “

Christine Khor

  • Title: CEO, Founder and Lead Coach
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Apr-18
  • Industries: FMCG and Consumer Products, Not for profit NFP, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Hallmark Cards, Simplot Australia, Kraft Foods, Chorus Executive, Peeplcoach
  • Years experience: 35+
  • Roles: CEO, Marketing Manager, Founder, Entreprenuer, Board Director. Executive Coach, Executive Recruiter
  • Qualifications: MBA, Grad Dip Organisational Change and Executive Coaching
  • Accreditations: Human Synergistics – LSI, MI and LI , Hogan Assessment
  • Email: chris@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinekhor/

“My name is Christine and I am the CEO, Founder and Lead Coach at Peeplcoach. Over the last 25 years, I have had a very varied career across marketing, recruitment, business start-up, branding and executive coaching working for both large and small organisations.

I’ve worked for global organisations such as Simplot Australia, Kraft Foods (now Mondelez) and Hallmark Cards. I have successfully founded two businesses and have worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals to build successful careers, teams and businesses.

My qualifications include BA (Major in Criminology and Psychology), MBA, Post-Graduate in Policy Studies and Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Change and Executive Coaching. I have also been recognised as a Telstra Businesswomen finalist, a Chief Executive Women winner and danced on a bar with Richard Branson.

In all my roles, my passion has been to assist and enable individuals to find value and fulfilment in their work and to support organisations for sustainable growth. I believe in being courageous, challenging ourselves for growth, equality and fairness and laughing every day. Simply, I want to help people find what they love to do and organisations to be successful.


Feel free to book a time to chat to here https://calendly.com/christine-khor-peeplcoach/find-out-more-about-peeplcoach-1

Clare Phelan

  • Title:Career Management Consultant
  • Location: Victoria Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: May-20
  • Industries: FMCG and Consumer Products, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Pursuit Consulting, Coles Group, Grant Exec Search, Hudson
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Exec Search Manager, Manager of Recuritment, Director
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Email: clare.phelan@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarephelan/

“Hi, my name is Clare Phelan. Over the last 20 years I have worked with blue chip organisations such as Orica, New Century Mines, Australia Post, PZ Cussons, AIG, Westpac, ANZ, NAB, Porter Davis in the fields of recruitment, executive search, career and transition coaching, employee and employee branding, and operational management.

My success comes from my genuine interest and commitment to helping my clients and coachees uncover and activate their strengths. I believe we all have a plethora of amazing skills and traits and sometimes you just need someone on the outside with the relevant expertise to hold you accountable for your goals, assist you with tackling next steps and strategies, overcoming limiting beliefs and developing a growth mindset. I am passionate about playing a role in your transformation journey and hope you feel heard, supported and wowed with the level of service and results.”

Dawn James

  • Title:Head of Coaches North America, Ambassador Coach
  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Jan-21
  • Industries: Engineering, Government Services / Statutory Authorities | Retail, Technology
  • Companies worked for: Process Interventions LLC, Honeywell, Whirpool, United Parcel Service, General Motors
  • Years experience: 30+
  • Roles: Chief Exec Manager, Global VP Health, Safety & Enviroment, VP Global Supply Chain, Product Design Engineer
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Science
  • Accreditations: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Email: dawn.james@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-james/

“Hello, my name is Dawn James. After 30 years of working as a change agent in my professional career, I decided to take my executive experiences and continue my passion to help others navigate leadership challenges, build stronger teams and gain personal confidence. As an expert in global business optimization working with and for business start-ups to multi-national companies, such as United Parcel Service, Whirlpool and Honeywell, my ability to adjust rapidly to business challenges and cultural diversities has allowed me to successfully provide professional coaching and business solutions that span across 48 countries.

Specializing in the end-to-end supply chain functions across a wide range of roles and industries, I understand the complexities experienced while working with employees, cross-functional teams, and leaders. Allow me to help you realize a higher level of performance by offering solutions focused on changing behaviors and fostering growth.”

Deb McDonald

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Sep-21
  • Industries: Education, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Victoria University, Dee Mac Consulting, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University,
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: Director, Employablity Senior Manager, Career Consultant, Associate Director, Manager Student Development
  • Qualifications: Grad Cert Organisational Coaching, Grad Dip Career Ed and Dev, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Grad Cert Tertiary Education Management, Master of Education
  • Accreditations: ICF Member, HBDI – Herrmann International
  • Email: deb.mcdonald@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deb-mcdonald

“My name is Deb McDonald, I have over 30 years’ experience in the education sector and over the past fifteen years, I have held many different leadership roles, from Team Leader, Manager, Associate Director to Director. These roles have involved me leading individuals and teams of between 4-40 staff supporting them to understand their priorities and achieve their goals.

I built my career and expertise at RMIT University, Victoria University, Monash University, The University of Melbourne and Swinburne University where my goal was always to ensure that our graduates were well prepared to manage their careers with clarity and confidence. In my senior leadership roles as Manager, Career Development; Associate Director, Careers and Employability; and Director of Employability my focus was on coaching my leaders to lead strategic priorities and their teams’ performance and outcomes.

I hold a number of qualifications including a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching (Swinburne University), a Master of Education in Work Based Learning (Victoria University), a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Management (The University of Melbourne) as well as a Graduate Diploma in Career Education and Development (RMIT University). I also hold a number of qualifications in training and assessment, business and frontline management as well as being a Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) certified practitioner.

Through my roles in leadership over many years, I have developed a passion for professional growth and development of people. As a result, I have recently moved into executive coaching to be able to work with people who are committed to grow and develop in their careers and achieve their professional and personal goals. I believe the capacity for growth and change is in everyone and often just needs to be supported to uncover what is possible.

In addition to being a qualified career consultant and coach, I bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience as well as empathy, integrity, and accountability to my coaching relationships.”

Bronwyn Rose

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Started with Peeplcoach: February 2022
  • Industries: Professional and Consulting Services, Banking & Finance, Travel & Tourism, Education, FMCG and Consumer products, Government
  • Companies worked for: LeftField Project Solutions, BC Learning Solutions Pty Ltd, The Commonwealth Bank, Radisson Hotels International, The ANA Hotel Sydney, Campbell’s Arnotts Pty Ltd, Caltex Petroleum Australia Pty Ltd, Pfizer Pty Ltd, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Education, Department of Infrastructure, Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Years experience: 30+ years
  • Roles: Consultant and Facilitator, Human Resources Manager, Training Manager, Learning and Development Manager, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator and Coach
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Social Science / Computing), Graduate Certificate of Social Science (Human Resource Management)
  • Accreditations: IECL-Level 3, DISC, SDI 2.0 (Strengths Deployment Inventory) PROSCI (Change Management)
  • Email: bron.rose@peeplcoach.com 
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bronwynrose/
My name is Bronwyn Rose, (I prefer to be called Bron), and I have over 25 years’ experience in facilitation, learning and development, project management and leadership across a range of industries and organisations including Caltex, Campbell Arnott’s, Pfizer, CommBank, The ANA Hotel, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Education, Department of Infrastructure, Department of Premier and Cabinet to name a few. I have always worked in learning and development. Whether it was teaching teenagers, managing human resources departments, delivering training, designing, and developing leadership programs, coaching, or facilitating team sessions – I have always been involved in building skills, developing self-awareness and encouraging a lifelong love of learning. Coaching is education – from “edu” / “care “- “to draw out.”  The coach’s role is to draw out what is already there, hold space for it to be examined and then support the coachee to make connections and define what needs to be learned or actioned next. “Know Thyself” guides our coaching sessions for both coach and coachee. I love being a coach because it challenges me to be open, to be humble and to be willing to do whatever is needed to support a coachee achieve their goals. Sometimes this involves challenging thought patterns and beliefs, and other times it involves supporting and guiding the coachee towards joining the dots and choosing positive actions. Coaching is an opportunity to serve; to share knowledge, skills, and experience at the right time and in the most appropriate way. More than this, coaching is an opportunity to be in the moment and offer exactly what is needed; a direct question, an objective observation or a line of inquiry linked to the current focus of learning. I love the spontaneity and variety that arises when the coaching conversation is open, and intentions are clear. My qualifications include a Bachelor of Education (Social Science / Computing), a Graduate Certificate of Social Science (Human Resource Management), am accredited with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (Level 3), DISC, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and PROSCI (Change Management).

Anne Basia

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: VIctoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Oct – 21
  • Industries: Education, Lesiure and Entertainment
  • Companies worked for: Swinburne University, Box Hill Institute, International Hub, i-Learn, Olympic Committee Athens
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: Facilitator, Learning & Development Advisor, Business Director, Project Manager, Training Manager
  • Qualifications: Doctor in Education, Training & Development, Masters in Education Training & Development, & Grad Cert in, Grad Cert in Organisational Coaching Bachelor of Science, Cert IV in Training & Assessment,
  • Accreditations: Genos Emotional Intelligence ICF – Professional Certified Coach
  • Email: anne.basia@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anne-basia
“My name is Anne Basia and I am an accredited coach who is passionate about helping people to maximise their personal and professional potential. I provide support to enhance your skills, identify goals and develop plans for future successes by tapping into your existing day-to-day resources and natural creativity. I ask questions to challenge the ideas and assumptions that block the way forward. We will work together to build open and honest communication channels that engender deep trust and help to create a safe environment in which we can explore the bigger picture and discover pathways to greater achievement. My industry experience covers more than 20 years in strategic roles in learning and development, human resources, managing complex projects in human capital and business development. I have also worked in the computing, telecommunications, automotive, Olympic Games and higher education industries, and my career has seen me work across Europe, China and Australia. I hold a Master’s degree in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Business and a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching. My knowledge and experience have given me valuable insight into how individuals and organisations work in diverse cultural environments and the various ways in which people dynamically connect to achieve a common vision. “

Jillian Bolger

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Feb-20
  • Industries: Education, Government, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Culture & Coaching, Dept of Human Services, Dept of Education
  • Years experience: 30+
  • Roles: Director, Operations Manager
  • Qualifications: Principles of Organisational Coaching
  • Accreditations: EQ-I 2.0, EQ 360, Human Synergistics – LSI
  • Email: jillian.bolger@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillian-bolger/
“My name is Jillian and I have a wealth of leadership experience gained over twenty years leading teams; large, small, virtual and geographically dispersed teams. My experience as a leader is in large government departments, as a Public Servant in a range of roles with Centrelink, the Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations and the Department of Human Services. I have weathered the highs and lows of a career that didn’t always go as I wanted it to. I always believed in ‘results through people’ helping people be their best and in the power of coaching. I am passionate about workplace culture, building successful teams and understand what it takes to lead and create workplaces where people thrive. I love that the field of neuroscience is providing evidence-based theories to back what I have instinctively known, learned and understood in my experiences in leading successful teams. I hold qualifications in Training, Facilitation and Organisational Coaching and an Advanced Diploma of Management. I am accredited in the assessment of Emotional Intelligence with the EQi.02 instrument. As an International Coaching Association accredited coach (ACC), my goal is to challenge you just the right amount. I will ask questions to help support you navigating territory you may not have previously considered and look at situations from different perspectives. I favour a Narrative Coaching approach, the stories we tell ourselves are powerful, those stories can define us and shape us. We will be equals in our coaching relationship, I adhere to the ICF Core Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics and we work together in partnership.”

Joanna Clary

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Sep-21
  • Industries: Banking and Finance, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Ancora Learning, Telos Finance, ME Bank, Business in Heels, NAB, Cygnus, Wizard Home Loans, ANZ, Mortgage Choice, St George
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Leadership Coach & Facilitator, Head of Capability & Performance, Head of New Business & Customer Services. Head of Mortgage Acquisition & Servicing, National Operations Manager, National Training Manager
  • Qualifications: Graduate Australian Institute of Company Director (GAICD), Grad Cert Management Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking, Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • Accreditations: Facet 5 Genos Emotional Intelligence HBDI – Herrmann International, IECL – Level 3, Team Management Profile (TMS), Leadership Circle Profile
  • Email: joanna.clary@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannaclary/
“My name is Joanna Clary, and I am an executive coach with over 15 years’ experience working with business leaders to deliver outstanding business performance. I believe I bring a great combination of strong coaching skills and extensive business, leadership, and life experience to help you think outside the box, implement new strategies, and increase your leadership, business, and sales effectiveness. Prior to launching my own executive coaching and leadership facilitation consultancy I have spent most of my career in the banking and finance industry holding roles in operations, training, mortgage acquisition and servicing and business development in organisations such as NAB, ANZ and St George Bank. Over the years I have led both large and small teams which has given me hands on experience building the skills and careers of individuals, high performance teams and collaborative cultures. I am an ICF accredited coach to ACC level, hold an IECL Level 3 certification in organisational coaching, a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Grad. Cert Management Cert IV Training and Assessment. Additionally, I am accredited in Hermann Brain, Team Management Profile, Facet 5, and Genos EI. If performing to your absolute potential is important to you, and you are committed to being actively involved in the coaching relationship, I would love the opportunity to partner you. Just bring an open mind and a hunger to move forward.”

Agnel Dsouza

My name is Agnel D’Souza and as a Partnerships Manager at Peeplcoach I am passionate about sharing Peeplcoach’s mission to accelerate business, leadership and career growth by making coaching accessible. I work with organisations to build stronger teams by engaging and challenging individuals to seek values driven outcomes in their professional and personal lives.

Over the past 15 years, I have collaborated with organisations across the APAC region to help them design and deploy solutions through which they continue to develop their workforce. I adore conducting research and love to go deeply into a subject in order to share my findings with my clients and co-workers. I like nothing better than starting up thought provoking discussions.

On a personal front, during the week I am part of Team Peeplcoach and over the weekend, I work as a Lifeline Crisis Supporter, because I believe that no Australian should ever have to spend their darkest moment by themselves.

My qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.


You could reach out to me on agnel.dsouza@peeplcoach.com or on my LinkedIn profile.

Zana Ballantyne

  • Title: Head of Coaches and Master Coach
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Dec-18
  • Industries: Banking and Finance, Essential Services, FMCG and Conusmer Products, Government – Local, State, Federal, Healthcare – Hospitals, medical and ancillary
  • Companies worked for: Grow Leadership, Ambulance Vic, GE, CBA, Coles, Benatas, Consumer Affairs, Peeplcoach
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: Organsational Development, Learning and Development, Executive Coach
  • Qualifications: Grad Cert Organisatonal Coaching, Cert IV in Training & Assessment
  • Accreditations: DISC, Human Synergistics – LSI, MBTI (CPP), NLP
  • Email: zana@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zanaballantyne/
“My name is Zana and I am both a Master Coach and Head of Coaches for Peeplcoach. My role is to recruit, grow, develop, lead and inspire a team of passionate and talented coaches to ensure we achieve our mission to make coaching accessible to all! I now lead a team of coaches who are supporting emerging and developing leaders across Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Singapore and India. With 25+ years’ experience across continents in the people development and leadership space, I’m known for driving people-led organisational change and embedding positive cultures. I do this through a consultative coaching approach and facilitating programs that ignite new ways. I’ve led teams and worked with all levels of leadership in various industries, including GE, Coles, ADP, Consumer Affairs and Ambulance Victoria. Some of my clients include Asahi, Dulux, Inghams, Latrobe City Council and Bega to name a few. I am a qualified executive coach holding a Post Graduate Certificate Organisational Coaching and I am a practitioner and facilitator in DISC, LSI, GSI, NLP, MBTI, Change Acceleration Process (PCI) As a leader and coach, I explore hidden challenges, then empower individuals to find solutions that inspire action. I believe in putting people first to build capability, create high performing teams and positive sustainable change that drives business results. zana@peeplcoach.com Feel free to book a time to chat to be here https://calendly.com/zanaballantyne/find-out-more-about-peeplcoach-1″

Jo Hart

My name is Jo Hart and I am the Operations and Administration Manager at Peeplcoach and my role is to continually optimise the systems and processes that drive the delivery of accessible, high-quality coaching.


Over the last 23 years, I have had a varied career in roles including, finance, operations, project management, optimisation, learning and development and leading project teams. During this time I have worked locally and internationally to help organisations to succeed efficiently and effectively. I have worked across financial services, health services, information technology, insurance, media, and retail industries for organisations such as Deutsche Bank, Adecco Group and Australian Association of Social Workers.

I love a challenge and playing my role in the team to deliver development opportunities in a way that maximises engagement and creates opportunities for people and organisations to be at their best.


Email: jo.hart@peeplcoach.com

Richard Clarke

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Mar-23
  • Industries: Professional Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Banking, Mining, Government, Consumer Goods, Utilities
  • Companies worked for: Accenture, Findex/Crowe Horwath, SMG, Self-employed
  • Years experience: 30+
  • Roles: Partner, COO, Board Director, Consultant, Coach, Mentor
  • Qualifications: Master of Science in Coaching Psychology, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and Education
  • Accreditations: ICF Associate Certified Coach, The Leadership Circle, Hogan Personality Assessments, Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, Mental Toughness Questionnaire, Mental Health First Adi, Luma Institute Design Thinking
  • Email: richard.clarke@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardsclarke/
“Hi, I am Richard Clarke and I have a passion for helping people find purpose and perspective. I bring three decades of business experience as a management consultant, head of operations and leadership coach. As a management consultant with Accenture, I helped many client organisations to enable change associated with large scale business and IT transformations including establishing the Accenture Learning Outsourcing business in Australia and managed end-to-end training operations for Telstra for five years. I have held the role of Chief Operating Officer for IT/SaaS and Leadership Development companies managing all aspects of these businesses including finance, people & culture, customer services and product development and Senior Partner with Accounting firm Findex/Crowe Horwath. I take an evidence-based, solution-focused approach to coaching, drawing on a range of psychological frameworks such as adult development theory, cognitive behavioural theory and systems thinking. I bring a personalised and collaborative approach to coaching which empowers leaders with autonomy for their own development. I have an empathetic, active listening approach and a curiosity to dig deeper into underlying beliefs, desires, and motivations. I draw on my own strengths of positivity, developer, connector and change agent to support and challenge my clients through a blend of coaching and mentoring. My purpose is to help people navigate their careers, lives and leadership so that they can improve the lives of others and the performance of teams and organisations.”

Greer O’Brien

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: 2023
  • Industries:  Professional Services, Health, Executive Coaching
  • Companies worked for: The ORS Group, Innovate Healthcare (UK), Mott MacDonald (UK), TPX Impact (UK), Exec Ascend
  • Years experience: 15
  • Roles:  Executive Coach, National Account Manager, Occ Health Services Manager, Clinical Consultant, Case Manager
  • Qualifications: Batchelor Behavioural Science, Masters Rehabilitation Counselling, Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CCPC)
  • Accreditations: Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – ICF
  • Email: greerobrien@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greerobrien/
“Hi, my name is Greer and I am a Certified Coach with a background in various senior leadership roles within the professional services and health industries, in Australia and the UK. I have worked in diverse, multi-disciplinary teams, within large corporates and SME’s. I have experience in clinical service delivery, change and people management, client relationships, business development and sales. As a National Account Manager, I partnered with senior executives to understand their business needs to develop and implement bespoke health services that impacted organisational culture and employee well-being.   I believe that everyone is continually moving on a journey of transformation and coaching helps you stretch your sightline, get out of your comfort zone, and grow along the way. Coaching is extremely rewarding and joyful for me and I’m grateful that I am able to support and facilitate the growth and development of others. I love to help see and take hold of all the possibilities and opportunities that surround them, by  helping them to work through what has been keeping them stuck.   As a Certified Coach I work  with emerging leaders up to C-Suite, with a special focus on women. My approach is collaborative, compassionate, and intuitive, with a focused on getting to the core of an individual’s challenges by identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block ones full potential and success.”

Joanne Hall

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Bondi, Sydney
  • Started with Peeplcoach: August-22
  • Industries: Professional Services, Human Resources, Start Ups, Rapid Growth, Not-for-Profit, Legal Services
  • Companies worked for: Leadership Rebellion, Employsure, Evolve Housing, Spruson & Ferguson, Macfarlanes
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Associate Program Leader, Head of Learning & Development, Executive Officer and Company Secretary, Senior Employment Relations Adviser, Solicitor
  • Qualifications: Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology (in progress), Workplace and Business Coaching Certificate, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Diploma in Human Resources, DSDM Agile Project Management Practitioner, Prince2 Project Management Practitioner, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Accreditations: DISC
  • Email: Joanne.hall@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joanne-hall-67188148
“My name is Joanne Hall, I am a learning and organisational development specialist. I have a broad range of business experience as part of the Executive Teams of Evolve Housing (not-for-profit) and Employsure (one of Australia fastest growing professional service organisations) and as a commercial lawyer advising global organisations including Nike, Pernod Ricard and Virgin. As such, I understand the talent, cultural and commercial issues facing leadership teams today and have helped them meet these challenges through award winning development, engagement, and recognition strategies. These include leadership development programs, vision and values design, performance systems and skills academies. I support the creation of high performing teams by helping them identify and overcome barriers, agree strategy, and improve communication and collaboration. For me coaching is about empowering others by opening the space for them to pause and reflect. It’s this supportive connection which allows them to challenge their beliefs and uncover new perspectives, explore what really matters to them, understand their strengths and work towards achieving their goals. Creating a higher level of self-awareness ultimately creates choice point where we can decide how we want to respond (rather than simply react) and how we want to show up in the world – and this is what makes a great leader. In addition to my broad industry experience, I am currently completing the Masters in Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney and am accredited in DISC Advanced Behavioral Profile. I also hold a Bachelor of Laws, Agile and PRINCE2 Project Management and Lean Six Sigma certification and enjoy blending these more traditional business management skills with leadership psychology to provide holistic support for leaders. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.”

Richard Toothill

My name is Richard and am the Sales Manager here at Peeplcoach with over 10+ solution sales experience across leadership development & coaching, recruitment and SaaS technologies within the IT & Digital space.

I have worked across both global corporate, fast growth and start-up environments which include companies such as Oracle, Seek and Elmo Software primarily focusing on driving new business in the B2B space and have had the pleasure to work with some of Australia’s most well-known organisations including Fortescue Metals Group, Multiplex,
Commonwealth Bank, Arup and Austrade to name few.

In all my roles, my passion has been able to solve challenges to both individuals and organisations and help people be the best they can be. Simply put, I want to help organisations to be successful and to help people to reach their full potential to find what they love to do.

In addition to my industry experience I hold a Bachelor Business Degree from Griffith University (QLD) majoring in sports management.

You can find me on LinkedIn here 

Michael Rainey

My name is Michael and I am the Projects Manager at Peeplcoach and my role is to make sure that everything happens seamlessly, from launching new coachees to our platforms, onboarding new Peeplcoach coaches or launching new content.

Over the last 25 years, I have had a varied career in roles including, finance, human resources, training, learning and organisational development. I’ve worked for a number of incredible organisations such as CBA, Mercedes-Benz, Lumo Energy, Yarra Valley Water and Bendigo Kangan Institute of TAFE.

I have qualifications in – Bachelor of Education & Training, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies.

My guiding compass has been to develop and enable others by giving them the tools they need so they can be the best they can be, while contributing to the organisation’s goals.

Email: Michael.Rainey@peeplcoach.com

Faydra Khor

My name is Fay (or Faydra whichever you want to use) and in my role as Finance Manager for Peeplcoach, I naturally spend a lot of time with the numbers; ensuring accuracy and making sure we meet our financial obligations. I enjoy the processes behind the numbers and being able to provide information to support our team’s decision making. Over the past 25 years I have worked for publicly listed and smaller private companies, including Franklins Ltd, Mildara Blass Ltd, Fosters Group Ltd, KCDoch Pty Ltd and Chorus Executive Pty Ltd. I am a qualified Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). My qualifications include a Bachelor of Business in Accounting. At Peeplcoach, there is never a dull moment. The team is extremely dedicated and continually striving for improvement. I am provided with continual opportunities to use my skills and to grow those skills to better myself and the business. I feel included and motivated by our mission of making coaching more accessible. Email: Faydra@peeplcoach.com

Virginia Aldred

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Apr-19
  • Industries: Education, Government, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Government, Victorian College of the Arts, Australian Arts Enterprise
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Learning & Development, Lecturer, Visual Arts, Consultant
  • Qualifications: Cert IV in Training & Assessment, Grad Dip Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Accreditations: IECL – Level 3
  • Email: virginia.aldred@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/virginia-aldred/
“I am Virginia and I bring creativity, collaboration and encouraging conversations when you need them. As an accredited coach, I will work with you to explore, through authentic conversations, ways to provoke meaningful change and produce measurable outcomes. These conversations develop deep learning, foster new insights, harness potential, create new behaviours and increase awareness to help you to achieve excellence in both the personal and professional spheres. Coaching accelerates clients in the pursuit of their potential, encouraging them to be more, to experience more and to accomplish more. From Learning & Development to Team Leader and Case Officer at the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection to a Sessional Lecturer with Victoria College of Arts, my diverse background has honed my skills in an array of areas. Due to the breadth of my industry experience I am able to offer unique insights. I have enjoyed sharing my passions, ideas, enhanced perspectives, excitement, discoveries and insights of a range of clients on their leadership journeys, and I look forward to helping you in your endeavours.”

Karin Moorhouse

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Hong Kong, China
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Aug-22
  • Industries: FMCG & Consulting
  • Companies worked for: Nestlé, Unilever, Treasury Wine Estates, George Weston Foods, Weben Partners, Shiyao Investments and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
  • Years experience: 35+
  • Roles: VP Marketing; Global Director – Consumer Insights & Innovation; Director – Marketing, Sales & Distribution; Business Development Director – Asia; VP Oceania; Business Consultant; Member of Board of Directors.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor Commerce – Marketing (UNSW), PED (IMD, Switzerland)
  • Accreditations: IECL – Level 1
  • Email: karin.moorhouse@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: Karin Moorhouse 穆嘉玲
My name is Karin Moorhouse and I have over 35 years business and leadership experience. Over the years, I have lived and worked cross- culturally for international FMCG companies, in places as diverse as Europe, North America, Africa, China and in Australia. I have had the privilege to work for the likes of Nestlé, Unilever, and Treasury Wine Estates, but I’ve done other things too. I volunteered in a war zone with Doctors Without Borders (MSF), wrote a book, studied French and more recently, Mandarin. I am now based in Hong Kong, where I am a consultant to the food industry and a passionate coach. I’ve always loved the buzz of business, especially strategy development and product innovation. But if I am to be honest, the thing I have enjoyed most throughout my career, has been managing and developing people and leveraging the collective energy of a team for performance. During my career, I have managed teams in operationally intense environments, in both developed and emerging markets and led successful M&A projects. As a member of senior leadership teams, I have been under the pump to grow or help turnaround businesses with limited resources, so I understand first-hand the pressures of today’s managers. Yet on reflection, the most inspiring and effective leaders I have encountered along the way, were always genuine and authentic and embraced the principles of coaching in their leadership style. And despite undertaking some excellent training programmes, there were times I wished I had access to a coach, because I know that the candid conversations that come with coaching, help build self- confidence and unlock greater potential. That is why, I am excited to be part of the Peeplcoach team. I genuinely believe that coaching should be more accessible, and that enlightened, one-on-one learning and development programmes are a harbinger for positive change. So, I look forward to helping you find your authentic voice as a leader.

Vanessa Jones

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Nov-19
  • Industries: Professional and Consulting Services, Technology
  • Companies worked for: IBM, Consulting Practice, AB Phillips, Reach Consulting
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Human Recources Exec, Director, Senior Project Manager, Senior Human Resources Consultant
  • Qualifications: MBA, Leadership in Mastery and Coaching, Masters Life Coaching
  • Email: vanessa.jones@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/Vanessaajones
“My name is Vanessa and I am a senior human resource professional with over 20 years international management experience throughout Australia and the USA. My focus is to drive organisational performance through people performance, and I am an expert in the area of organisational and transformational change. In my consulting practice and during my career with IBM I have gained significant experience in leadership, human resources, organisational change and project management across multiple functions including M&A, Operations, Sales Operations and Human Resources. Experience has shown me that organisational success can only be achieved with a strong culture and an engaged and capable workforce. My mission as an executive coach is to help individuals build the skills, experience and confidence they need to build fulfilling and successful careers. “

Susan Williams

  • Title: Ambassador Coach
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Oct-21
  • Industries: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, NFP, Professional and Consulting Services, Science and Research
  • Companies worked for: Elwood Advisors, AQR Capital Management, JP Morgan Chase,
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: CEO, VP Talent Development, VP Investment Banking, Human Resources & Buisness Management
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Ph.D Social & Organisational Psychology. Executive Coaching Intensive Certification Program
  • Accreditations: DISC, Hogan Assessment, Gallup Strengths Finder, Interpersonal Leadership Styles (Stratton Consulting)
  • Email: susan.williams@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-m-williams-ph-d/
“My name is Susan and I’m an Ambassador Coach and Partnerships Lead for Peeplcoach in the United States. Over the past 18 years, I have worked in Human Resources in a variety of organizations, ranging from large global financial services and biotech firms to smaller firms and start-up organizations. I have worked with companies such as JPMorgan Chase, AQR Capital Management, Compass Partners (private equity) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. In 2015 I started my own business, Elmwood Advisors, a talent advisory and HR consulting and coaching practice. I have worked with firms such as Point72 Asset Management, Balyasny Asset Management, and Kline Hill Partners. All my roles have been focussed on talent development, helping organizations attract, retain, develop, and engage their people, as well as develop and support managers at all levels. My philosophy on coaching is that it is a powerful tool, but has to be based around a genuine partnership between the coachee and the coach. Great things can happen through this relationship – coachees can make significant advancements, grow, learn new things, and expand their horizons. But they have to be the driving force. The role of the coach is both to support and to challenge, but the agenda has to be the coachee’s. I love being a coach because I thrive on being a positive, optimistic, and constructive partner to my coachees – someone they can trust but who will also challenge them when necessary for their development. In addition to my industry experience, I hold a PhD in Social and Organizational Psychology and am accredited in the Hogan Assessment suite, Gallup StrengthsFinder, DiSC management-style assessment, and Interpersonal Leadership Styles assessment. I have completed the Columbia University External Coaching Intensive certification program and practicum, with full certification expected in the fall of 2021. “

Sean O’Leary

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Jul-21
  • Industries: Health, Professional & Consulting Services, Property Management
  • Companies worked for: Cluade Neon, City Prosign, Hopwood Estate, Programmed Property Services, Latrobe Community Health Services
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: National Business Development Manager, Design Consultant
  • Qualifications: Diploma Visual Arts
  • Accreditations: IECL – Level 3
  • Email: sean.oleary@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seannicholasoleary/
“My name is Sean, and I am passionate about helping people through change, transition and transformation. I draw on my experience in bringing people together to achieve common goals, collaborate on solving complex problems, and deliver transformational projects that help others to utilise their individual strengths and perform at their best. I have a strong background in business development, project management and stakeholder engagement. Through a career that has seen me work across a diverse range of industries such as retail, manufacturing and healthcare, I have a great understanding of the complexities and interrelationships that drive outcomes for business leaders and their people. In addition to my business experience, my coaching credentials include Organisational Coaching certification from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Miller Heiman’s Sales Coaching, and Coaching with the Enneagram. As a member of the International Coaching Federation, I continue to develop professionally to deliver consistently high value to the clients I coach. Driven by my values of authenticity, awareness and action, I thrive on being a catalyst for change in people, meeting them with fierce compassion that helps them step into their possibility and sets them on a trajectory for high-performance growth.”

Sarah Bateman

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Aug-21
  • Industries: FMCG and Consumer Products, Professional and Consulting Services, Superannuation and Insurance, Technology
  • Companies worked for: Pivot Coaching & Development, Catholic Church Insurance, Test Grid, Asahi Beverages,
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Coach, Talent Acquisition Manager, Snr Organisational Development Consultant,
  • Qualifications: Post Grad cert – Careers, Education & Development, Post Grad Cert Commerce ( HR) , Organisation Coaching
  • Accreditations: Hogan Assessment, DISC, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Lominger Leadership Architect, Saville Assessment
  • Email: sarah.bateman@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-bateman-pivot
“My name is Sarah Bateman and over the last twenty years I have worked in various roles in human resources, including recruitment, generalist HR and organisational development, across a range of industries in both the UK and Australia. Most recently I have worked for CCI Insurance, Testgrid Consulting and Asahi Beverages. In 2020 I decided to follow my passion and launched my own coaching business. For me, coaching is all about getting people to think differently in order to do differently. I am passionate about seeing people succeed in their careers and lives. There is something so satisfying about seeing an individual whom I have helped working in a role or industry that is genuinely making them happy. When I am coaching someone I often find myself in a state of flow. I hold postgraduate qualifications in HR and Commerce and Careers Education and Development. I completed my Level 1 IECL Organisational Coaching in 2019, and in 2020 I became an accredited strength coaching practitioner. Other instruments and tools that I am accredited in include DiSC; Saville Wave Personality Test and Abilities; OPQ and Abilities; Thomas Personal Profile Analysis; Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory; and Hogan Personality Inventory. To me, the sign of a good coach is someone who can ask some really curly questions, and who knows when to push and when to be silent. My twenty years in HR have given me exposure to some diverse and interesting people and situations, which has given me the skills and experience to understand complex problems and to identify and navigate solutions quickly. I look forward to getting to know you and partnering with you on your career and leadership journey.”

Rob Watson

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Feb-20
  • Industries: Banking and Finance, Chemicals, FMCG and Consumer Products, Professional and Consulting Services, Technology
  • Companies worked for: Optus, Pepsi Co, Nokia, Buchan Group, eNett, Westpac, BP, Azzuri Communications
  • Years experience: 30+ (16 years operating out of Europe / UK and USA)
  • Roles: VP Human Resources, Director Human Resources, Head of Human Resources
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Laws, Masters of Business Administration
  • Accreditations: DISC (Thomas)
“Hello, my name is Rob. I have worked in Executive Human Resources roles in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and North America. I have over 35+ years’ experience in all facets of Human Resources and my passion is helping people develop careers that give them both reward and fulfilment. I have learnt that when people excel in their careers, this transcends into dynamic teams and ultimately healthy organisations. I truly believe developing your career is essential for your professional and personal life. My style is consultative, and I want you to draw on my experience so you can find, enhance and develop your skills and abilities. My goal is to set you apart from other people and provide the environment which will allow you to achieve your particular career dreams. I look forward to working with you to achieve your career aspirations, being the best, you can be and having some fun along the way. “

Natalie Hormann

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Wellington, New Zealand
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Apr-21
  • Industries: Government, Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Imaginal, Hutt City Council, Ministry of Social Development, Study Nelson Ltd, Refine Ltd, DY Consulting
  • Years experience: 20+
  • Roles: Founder, Coach, Sustainablity Educator, Business Analyst, Consultant, Lawyer,
  • Qualifications: LL.M equiv (1st Legal State Exam, Germany) Bar exam equiv (Ass. Iur.; 2nd Legal State exam, Germany)
  • Accreditations: Human Synergistics – LSI
  • Email: natalie.hormann@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-hormann/
“My name is Natalie, and I am a Master Coach Associate at Peeplcoach. Over my career I have held many positions, including as a judge, lawyer, corporate consultant and business owner. I have worked across local government, private practice and the not-for-profit sector in Germany and New Zealand, and I believe my varied roles have given me the opportunity to gain insights into a very broad range of industries, topics, people and problems. Since 2015 I have worked as an Executive Coach and have never looked back. When coaching, my philosophy is to make the invisible visible so that my clients can make decisions that are wholesome, authentic, powerful and impactful. It is my passion to support personal, interpersonal and planetary insight and transformation through connecting people with their purpose, their passion, and that version of themselves that they can feel excited about becoming. My coaching is about effectiveness – using the best tools, insights, strategies and methodologies to get the best results. My strengths lie in my ability to see patterns and the big picture, and to listen beyond the story. In addition to my industry experience, I hold a Bachelor of Law (Germany) and the German judges’ qualification (Ass. Iur.). I am also a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, an NLP practitioner and a Counselling Practitioner (2021), as well as an accredited Mediator and a professional member of Resolution Institute New Zealand. “

Margaret Haarhoff

  • Title: Master Associate Coach
  • Location: Melbourne Victoria
  • Started with Peeplcoach: February 2022
  • Industries: Banking & Finance, Superannuation and Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Science and Research, Professional Services & Consulting
  • Companies worked for: RBS Insurance (UK), Royal Bank of Scotland (UK), Swinburne University, GSK, Telix Pharmaceuticals, Consulting Make it Happen
  • Years experience: 20+ years
  • Roles: Principal Consultant, Global Director People & Culture, HR Business Partner, Employee Services Lead,
  • Qualifications: BA-Honours Psychology, MCIPD Diploma, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Accreditations: MBTI (CPP) IECL – level 1, IECL – Level 3
  • Email: Margaret.haarhoff@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/margaret-haarhoff 
My name is Margaret, I have a passion and drive to allow others to see their exponential abilities in all areas of life and be their best. Investing in my own growth and development changed my life, that is why I do what I do today. Working with others to help transform their lives so they too can operate life to their fullest potential, align with their innermost self and create anything they truly desire. We can create everything we want just not all at once. My career has spanned a multitude of industries, across different countries enabling me to work with individuals and organisations to create success. In working with these organisations and industries, I have an expansive understanding of the complexities of organisations and the personal and professional opportunities that exist within. From my experience, the people are who matter! They are the ones that truly drive an organisation, create expansion, evolution and creativity beyond what you think possible. With my unique abilities and personable nature, I bring together both the commercial side of business and underpin this with the critical people element, this is where the magic happens. This is where we see the difference in performance, leadership, personal satisfaction and organisational and role congruence. I create the time and space for individuals to expand, to grow and focus on themselves. This in turn creates a driven individual, powerful teams and an even more successful business. Values create focus, focus creates our reality, I support individuals to see their value and align their focus and create growth. What we focus on grows… Through combining my extensive experience in the corporate world, my personal journey of growth through coaching and now being a coach myself, I hold a unique ability and set of skills that allows individuals to step forward with awareness and intention to provoke or evoke new and different perspectives and skills. My health and wellness background not only creates personal growth but helps support you understand what your bodies needs are, achieving razor sharp focus, endless energy. I support individuals create meaningful opportunities, drive change and unlock exponential growth, we all have untapped potential inside us. There is no one size fits all, working with me will support you with how to unlock yours and discover your own uniqueness. As a person and coach, I value a relationship based on trust, commitment, honesty and collaboration. This allows us to have meaningful dialogue, the right amount of challenge and support to drive for the best outcome. Growth and development are not one dimensional, the whole person is an important, this includes relationships, systems, environment and wellbeing. In addition to my industry experience, I hold a Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, an MCIPD Diploma, a Level 2 Organisation Coach Certification with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership and am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Mental Health First Aider. I am also an accredited MBTI practitioner.

Kaye Brett

  • Title: Master Coach Associate
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Aug-20
  • Industries: Professional and Consulting Services
  • Companies worked for: Lee Hecht Harrison,
  • Years experience: 30+
  • Roles: Career Management Consultant, Disability & Employment Coordinator
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Grad Dip of Career Management & Career Counselling
  • Accreditations: MBTI (CPP), Strong Interests Inventory (CPP)
  • Email: kaye.brett@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaye-brett/
“My name is Kaye Brett and for the last 20 years I have worked as a Career Transition Consultant in a multitude of industries, including Information technology, telecommunications, FMCG, retail, financial services, manufacturing, education and government, and across a wide range of functions within these industries. I have assisted thousands of individuals to identify their career goals, develop their job search strategies and utilise the tools required to be successful. Trust me, I know what I am doing! I have also worked through a recession – the GFC – though this is my first global pandemic. As your Master Coach Associate, I will partner you during all the ups and downs of your job search journey to help you identify your goals, create your plan and build your dream career.”

Anglea Zegir

  • Title: Coach Advocate and Master Coach
  • Location: Victoria, Australia
  • Started with Peeplcoach: Sep-21
  • Industries: Banking & Finance, Leisure and Entertainment, Professional and Consulting Services, Retail
  • Companies worked for: NAB, PWC, Aesop, Melbourne Racing Club, Bespoke Botanics, Branche
  • Years experience: 25+
  • Roles: General Manager Human Resources, Head of Culture and Leadership,
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Psychology, Cert IV in Coaching
  • Accreditations: MSCEIT, Human Synergistics – LSI
  • Email: angela.zegir@peeplcoach.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelazegir/
“My name is Ange and I have a wealth of leadership and business experience gained over my 20+ year career. I have held several executive management positions across a variety of industries and geographical locations such as retail (Aesop), Leisure & Entertainment (MRC) Banking (NAB) and professional services (PwC). My focus has been on supporting organisations to maximise their human capital, navigate organisational change and define their unique culture. I have successfully established and run two e-commerce based businesses in recent years, which have offered me fantastic insights into small business challenges and opportunities in the online environment. During my corporate career I developed a keen interest in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and strengths-based initiatives. I have a Bachelor of Education (Psychology), studied Strategy at INSEAD and a Certificate IV in Workplace training and Coaching. I am passionate about workplace culture, building successful teams and I understand what it takes to lead and create workplaces where people thrive. With a passion for supporting individuals to take ownership of their career, I see my role as a coach is to help people build skills, experiences, and confidence to enable engaging and successful careers. I am a mum to three children of which two have special needs. I have spent considerable time juggling a successful and demanding career with being a hands-on mother. Whilst it has not been easy, I relish in the opportunity to share experiences and support others create their unique path and career success.”