Group Coaching & Webinars


Positive team culture, collaboration and communication are critical for business performance and long-term success. With teams spread across multiple divisions, locations, states and even countries, creating a unified team can be a challenge.

Peeplcoach’s Group Coaching, and Webinar solutions are designed to bring your team together to accelerate business and team learning, sharing and communion.


We offer more than 40 webinars covering topics such as imposter syndrome, managing stress and change, leading virtual teams, planning and prioritising, and holding teams accountable, to name just a few.

We can also create bespoke content to meet your specific business or industry needs.

Webinars are specifically created to share learnings and are suitable for up to 500 participants at a time. 

Cost – $1499 + taxes

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Group Coaching


Our Group Coaching sessions have been designed to support teams and individuals as they work through their leadership development programs.

These sessions support the tools and learnings participants complete in each module and act as an anchor to bring teams together on a monthly basis. Group Coaching sessions encourage sharing, collaboration and better communication across teams.

These sessions, created to further support cohorts of 10+ coachee, ensure teams:

Build support and collaboration across the team

Provide an opportunity for team members to share learnings

Increase accountability within the team

Act as an anchor to keep everyone on track

Give team access to other Master Coach Associates and their perspective and learnings

Program Overview

Program Length

12 months

Group Coaching Sessions

12 optimal (4, 6, or 9 session options available)

Coaching Frequency

60-minute session every 4 weeks

Cost Per Session

$999 + taxes

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Recommended Cohort Size

10 to 35