Emerging Talent and Leaders

The Program

Created to foster emerging leaders and high-potential talent within your organisation, our Emerging Talent and Leaders Program is an essential leadership and career development tool for new and future leaders

Supports emerging and future leaders, and emerging talent, to fast-track their leadership skills.

Ideal for supervisors, team leaders and emerging leaders.

Practical leadership fundamentals on demand

Bite sized learning to fit into team members busy schedules.

Program Overview

Ideal Participants

First-time leaders, team leaders, frontline managers, supervisors and emerging high-potential talent.

Business Benefits

The program develops increased leadership awareness, capability and performance in first-time leaders needing to establish their leadership basics. Improved leadership skills results in overall improved team and business performance.

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Program Length

12 months

Coaching Frequency

1:1 45-minute session every 4 weeks.
60-minute group coaching sessions every 4 weeks.

Client Testimonial

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