It’s Time to Celebrate and Congratulate

December is a time to celebrate and congratulate. End-of-year parties around the world will highlight the contribution of individuals and teams. Bonuses will be paid (sometimes) and gifts to say thank you will be given. And let’s face it, 2022 has been tough, so any thanks or bonuses are well deserved. However, celebrating, acknowledging and […]

7 Ways to Find More Time  

Time is the great equaliser. No matter how much or little money you have. No matter how healthy or unhealthy you are. How tall, short or good looking you are. We all have the same number of minutes and seconds in a day.  Every day at Peeplcoach we partner with hundreds of individuals and organisations […]

‘Vestis virum facit’ … ‘Clothes maketh the man’

‘Vestis virum facit’ (Erasmus, Adagia 3.1.60) is a saying coined by the 15th–century writer Erasmus. Today the quote is better recognised as ‘Clothes maketh the man’. It could perhaps be further refined to ‘Clothes maketh the person’. Up until the beginning of 2020, millions of people began their days by donning ironed shirts, dry-cleaned suits and stylish […]

The Balance of Power has Shifted

As many of my friends and family can attest, I am not a sports fan! My lack of knowledge and interest is in fact shocking, given that I live in a state that has proclaimed public holidays to celebrate a horse race (Melbourne Cup Day) and a football game (AFL Grand Final). Though not my […]

Return on Learning Dollar Calculator (ROLD): Commercial Assumptions

Whether you are a for-profit, a not-for-profit, privately owned, publicly owned, a product or a service business, delivering value and return on investment to customers, stakeholders and shareholders is essential for long-term sustainability and success. Whether you are a for-profit, a not-for-profit, privately owned, publicly owned, a product or a service business, delivering value and […]

The Power of the Introverted Leader

Words often used to describe successful business leaders include extroverted, charismatic, confident, dominating, singled-minded, focused and opinionated. In varying psychometric assessments, they often appear as high D (dominant), high A (alpha), high E (extroverted) or high red (task orientated or driver). It’s interesting to note, many CEOs also have the same psychological profile as psychopaths. […]

10 reasons why working from home is bad for your career

At the beginning of Covid, individuals and organisations scrambled to put in place arrangements for working from home. Technology, space, noise, safety and communication rhythms were all issues. Now, three years later, we are trying to work out how we can manage going back to work. Most people don’t change until there is a ‘burning […]

Elon Musk to Workers: Spend 40 Hours in the Office, or Else

This is the headline of an interesting article regarding the recent edict from Elon Musk to his employees at SpaceX and Tesla. Before we get into ‘Elon bashing’, it is clear that Musk is a visionary in many ways. He has a strong work ethic, he stands beside his team, he has a vision for […]

10 easy steps YOU can take to increase engagement and productivity

In this post-COVID world, four key areas of concern and conversation have emerged for many leaders. They are: the great resignation wave rising interest rates consumer and business confidence employee engagement and development. It is this fourth topic of conversation that is most impacting us here at Peeplcoach. Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful world of […]

What workers want – it hasn’t changed as much as you think!    

The world has changed and, with that, you might expect that so has what employees are looking for from their careers, their employers and their workplaces. No doubt some attitudes about workplace priorities are shifting, but for employers looking to attract top-level talent, it isn’t as simple as adding sleep pods or a ping-pong table […]