10 Leadership Productivity & Effectiveness Hacks

Being an effective leader is a constant juggling act, often requiring dealing with insufficient time, people and resources.  Great leaders have learnt the skills of prioritising and of balancing valuable resources. Implement some of the following tips to boost productivity and find some work–life balance. 1. Remember your purpose as a leader. Your role as […]

The 10 Metrics Every HR Professional Needs to Know in 2022

Intuitively, CEOs, leaders, managers and HR professionals know that the right people and strong leadership are critical to business success. But too often, limited resources are directed to urgent projects, such as upgrading manufacturing, cybersecurity or shareholder return. The most effective leaders, especially human resources professionals, are able to use information to convince organisations, executive […]

10 tips to avoid hiring a toxic employee 

We all know about the talent shortage. Human resources teams, managers and overworked team members are burnt out and ready for resource relief. But, no matter how desperate you might be feeling, make sure that that you avoid the costly mistake of making a wrong hire. Hiring the wrong person – or worst of all, a […]

The Art of War

The Art of War is a relatively easy book to read and especially worthwhile as we face yet another year of change and the unknown. To get you started we would like to share our interpretation of some of the central concepts for you to consider as you try to take control of your businesses, teams, careers and lives over the coming months.