Group Coaching


Our Program

To maximise the impact of our 1:1 Leadership Development Programs we highly recommend the addition of our Group Coaching Sessions.

Group Coaching sessions are recommended when working with cohorts of 10+. Group Coaching: 

Build support and collaboration across the team

Provide an opportunity for team members to share learnings

Increase accountability within the team

Group Coaching acts as an achor for the cohort - keeping them on track and encouraging them to move forward at the same pace.

Give cohorts access to other Master Coach Associates and their perspective and learnings

Program Overview

Program Length

Our programs are created to be 6-12 months in duration to allow learning to be embedded over time.

Group Coaching Sessions

12 optimal
(4, 6, or 9 session options available)

Coaching Frequency

60-minute session every 4 weeks

Cost Per Person Per Month

$999 + taxes

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Recommended Cohort Size

10 to 35