Advanced Leaders

The Program

The Advanced Leaders Program has been specifically created for to provide your senior leaders with the awareness, tools and skills to create and lead high-performance teams ensuring superior outcomes for individuals and your organisation.

Promotes awareness in senior leaders and provides practical tools and skills to build their leadership capabilities to a new level.

Includes implementation of LSI or Hogan 360° assessment tools.

12 month program to drive and embed sustainable change.

Program Overview

Ideal Participants

Leaders who have significant influence or impact within an organisation or who lead large or complex teams.

Business Benefits

The program develops and elevates your leader’s capability and performance leading to more effective and inspiring leadership resulting in improved employee engagement, retention, focus and success.

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Program Length

12 months

Coaching Frequency

1:1 60-minute session every 4 weeks.
60-minute group coaching sessions every 4 weeks.

Client Testimonials

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