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Our Mission

To ensure that every person has equal opportunity and equal access to an experienced coach to accelerate personal, professional and business impact.

Our Critical Measures


Mission Score

The number of current and future leaders we have supported to accelerate their professional, professional and business success.


Coach Impact Score

The average coach satisfaction and impact score measure monthly by our participants.



Equity Score

Our mission is to ensure equal access of leadership resources to all current and future leaders and talent. Our goal is 50/50
for gender.


Social Impact Score

In 2021, Peoplcoach has continued to enable The Hunger Project's work directly impacting the lives in Ghana.


Coach NPS Score

We are only as good as the coaches who work with us. We are so proud of our 79 NPS score. An NPS of 80 is world's best practice.

Who We Are

Peeplcoach offers coaching-led, on-demand career and leadership development. We maximise our impact through structured and measurable leadership programs. Our programs have been specifically created to meet the development needs of individual contributors through to senior executives.

Our Programs

Peeplcoach programs have been designed to create a structured and measured learning pathway for employees as they develop their career from individual contributor to emerging leader, developing leader, advanced leader and, ultimately, executive or board leader.

Recommended programs can be customised to meet the specific needs of organisations and individuals.

Leadership Development Programs

From individual contributors to executives, we work with your team members to create awareness and accountability. These programs have been designed to accelerate performance and impact at all levels, for any role.


Working directly with executive and C-suite team members, the Peeplcoach Executive Coaching Program is customised to meet the specific objectives of the organisation and the individual.

Group Coaching, Webinars & Team Facilitation

Positive team culture, collaboration and communication are critical for business performance and long-term success. With teams spread across multiple divisions, locations, states and even countries, creating a unified team can be a challenge.

Customised Team Workshops & 360 Assessments

Peeplcoach works with executive and human resources teams to develop bespoke workshops for their team members. Our programs often begin with a 360° assessment and a comprehensive self-assessment process.

& Career Transition

Our Outplacement and Career Transition Programs have been created in conjunction with experienced recruitment and career specialists to assist teams and individuals during their career transition.

Sales Leader

These programs have been specifically developed for sales professionals to create discipline and focus, resulting in greater sales conversions and sales success.

Diverse & Inclusive Leader Programs

The issue of diversity, inclusion and equity is complex, emotional and critical for long term business success. These programs have been created from the view point of both the diverse and the gatekeepers of diversity and inclusion to fast-track awareness and action.

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Meet Our Coaches

We are biased but we believe that Peeplcoach coaches are some of the best in the world.  In addition to their ICF coaching qualifications and range of psychometric accreditations, our coaches are committed to the art of coaching. 

Coaching is not a job, it is their vocation. They also come with years of business and leadership experience which they generously share with their coachees. Our coaches love what they do and are great at it.  Find out more for yourself.

Why Work With Us

We know that we can only be successful when we have the right people on the team. The right people are not always the smartest, the most educated or the person with the exact previous experience.

For us the right people are those who believe in what we believe in and who are ready to think
smart and work hard to make an impact.

Who We Work With


Serene Koh

Senior Human Resources Manager
Rockwell Automation

“Our employees have benefited from Peeplcoach with new leaders emerging from our team.”

Robbie Verrall

Change and Leadership
Capability Program Manager

“Peeplcoach programs are great for developing and middle management leaders.”

Melanie Noden

The Hunger Project

“Having an independent and confidential coach allows you to see things you didn’t know.”

Sevag Keroghlian

Front Office Manager
Crown Resorts

“Having someone Peeplcoach coming in as an outsider, allows you to discover things you didn’t even know.”