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The Peeplcoach webinar series has been created to support individual employees, managers, leaders and organisations accelerate personal, professional and business impact.

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Our Webinars

Share practical, on the job tools and tips impacting our ability to build the leadership, career and organisational capacity essential for long term employee and business success.

Bite sized and outcome focussed – 60 minutes and with clear actions.


Are interactive so come with your questions and get them answered.

Relevant to all leaders whatever their role.

To make sure you never miss one we will hold them on the same day and time: 11 am AEST Thursdays.

2022 Program


What you will learn

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January 27th

Starting 2022 with a bang – Creating
your career vision.

The start of a new year is always the time when we reflect on the year before and plan for the year ahead. Start 2022 with an audit of 2021 and a process to create your career plans for 2022.

February 24th

Finding more time in the day –
Prioritising and Planning.

Time is the great equaliser – younger or older, at the peak of your career or just starting out we all have the same problem – not enough time. Spend 60 minutes with us to find more time in your day and week.

March 24th

Battling the imposter within and identifying the imposter in others.

Research shows that up to 90% of us suffer from imposter syndrome at some time in our lives and careers. In this session we will highlight the signs of imposter syndrome and provide some simple techniques to battle the imposter beast.

April 21st

Who are you as a leader? Defining your leadership principles.

The number 1 reason great employees leave organisations is still the relationship with their manager. Great leadership is critical for employee retention. In this session we will help you identify the type of leader you want to be and the impact you want to make.

May 26th

Your leadership brand. Are you standing out and being seen?

What do you think would happen to Nike sales if they stopped advertising? As a professional a strong leadership brand to your future success. Join us to understand the key attributes of a powerful brand and how to build one.

June 23rd

Preparing for powerful career conversations.

Whether you are an employee, a manager or both, powerful career conversations are critical for long term career and business success. Join us to learn how you can make the most of your career conversations.

July 14th

The psychology of sales and power of mindest.

Sales is not a dirty word. We all sell every day. We sell to partners, bosses, direct reports and children. Find out how your psychology of sales is affecting your success.

August 25th

Master the art of receiving feedback

Great leaders master the art of giving and receiving feedback.  Giving feedback is essential to build high performing teams and receiving feedback is essential to build high performing careers.  Join us to find out how to build both.


September 22nd

The power of the close

We are all salespeople.  Whether we are selling an idea to your partner, boss, team or teenager it is essential to learn the skill of selling, influencing and closing the deal!!!  Join us to find out the top tips to close the deal faster!

October 27th

Creating accountability for yourselves and others

Whether you are a leader with a team of direct reports, or not, it is essential to learn the skill of creating accountability and managing expectations.  We all rely on others to be successful at work and creating and managing expectations is essential for this success.  Join us for this interactive session.

November 24th

Networking and Sponsorship

As you build your career it is essential to learn the skill of networking and sponsorship, no matter how scary it might be!  Take the time to learn some simple tips to building your networking skill.  Join us for this interactive session.

2022 Program