Leadership Development Programs

Our Leadership Development Programs

From individual contributors to executives, we work with your team members to create awareness and accountability. These programs have been designed to accelerate performance and impact at all levels, for any role.

Our Leadership Development Programs are created to help individuals accelerate their own personal, professional and business impact.

Discover more about our Leadership Development Programs below.

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Which program is right for your team?

Career Development

Emerging Talent/Emerging Leader

Developing Leader

Advanced Leader

Executive Coaching

Coach Extention Program

Program best suited for:

Anyone wanting a successful career

First-time or future
leaders; identified
high-potential talent

Existing leaders of small or medium-sized teams; experienced leaders who would like a leadership refresher

Senior leaders managing large or complex teams who will benefit from greater self-awareness and leadership awareness

Bespoke coaching to meet specific leadership needs

Only available to graduates of existing Leadership Development Programs

No. of modules





6 – 12 sessions

Access to 6 Coaching
sessions over 12 months

Coaching session frequency

Every six weeks




As required

As required to a maximum of 6 sessions over 12 months

Coaching Session Length

45 min

45 min

60 min

60 min

60 – 90 min

As per most recent

Cost per month (+taxes)





$750 to $1500

50% of current annual
program cost

Annual Costs (+taxes)





Quote on request

50% of current annual
program cost

360 assessment (optional)

Additional Cost

Additional Cost

Additional Cost



Not Applicable

Group coaching (additional cost)



Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Client Testimonial

Kylie Pangrazio

Talent & Capability Manager, Vicinity Centres

I love Peeplcoach because it is making coaching accessible to all the different tiers in our business and offers 1:1 coaching to employees that would usually never get access to a coach. I also love that the programs are implemented over 12 months not just a short burst of a few months which allows for deeper learning. Finally, the programs are scalable and easy to implement internally, we have had amazing feedback from our team members about their experience.

Group Coaching Sessions:

$999 + taxes per session. This is highly recommended.