Coach Extension Program

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Over the course of our 12-month leadership development programs, coachees and coaches build a strong and trusting relationship. At the end of our programs, some coachees are ready to progress to the next level program, while others may choose to pause ongoing formal training and development.

However, we all know that day-to-day business and leadership challenges where the support of a trusted advisor or Master Coach would be very beneficial will continue to arise. To allow us to continue to support your team members, we offer graduates of existing programs access to the Coach Extension Program

How Does It Work? Sessions:

Coachees will be offered the opportunity to connect with their Master Coach Associate six times over a 12-month period. They can use these coaching sessions to discuss day-to-day issues, review previous modules or take advantage of new content through bonus modules.

What Is The Cost?

The Coach Extension Program cost is based on the cost of six months of the most recent program undertaken by the coachee. They will be offered the same coaching session length and will be provided appropriate content.

For example: The Coach Extension Program price for a coachee who most recently completed the Emerging Leaders Program would be:

6 x $199 + GST = $1194 + GST

This cost covers access to six sessions of 45 minutes each across a 12-month period.

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