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DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony talk to CEO of Peeplcoach and talent executive, Christine Khor. During their conversation, they discuss thought leadership, the benefits of executive coaching, and how to overcome fear in the marketplace. In the beginning of the episode, Christine talks about what coaching actually is, and what it is not. She provides her background and discusses why she has a passion for helping people to improve their processes and their work-life balance. Going off the cuff for a moment, she mentions the fact that being a braggart about workaholism is not a virtue, and that Gen Z and the Millennials might actually have that part right.

Awards & Media

Silver Recipient

HRD’S HR Service Provider Awards for 2020 in the area of Learning and Development

It’s an honour to be awarded with such other amazing HR Service providers.

HRTech | Christine Khor | Peeplcoach

Ron Arnold – 11eight

2020 may have been a roller coaster of a year, but Chris’ determination and passion have not wavered. As an executive coach, and someone who loves her job, she describes herself as a psychologist for business and careers.

HRTech | Christine Khor | Peeplcoach

WeConnect International

Renowned speaker, author and award-winning businesswoman, Christine Khor is an indomitable force. Her career has led from one great opportunity to the next, all of which she created herself and all of which she’s made successful. 

Purposeful Coaching - Christine Khor

Game Changers Podcast

The Game Changers talks with Christine Khor, CEO & Co-founder of Peeplcoach. In this episode, she tells her story of how she came to where she is today, explains her motivation for her work with The Hunger Project, and speaks on her role in empowering diverse groups of people to succeed.

Why You Need To Be 100% Human at Work

C Method

Do you feel like you have permission to be 100% human at work?

Does your boss or do your team members treat you like a human? Or if you are the boss or a manager, do your staff come into work feeling happy, excited, motivated, and free to be themselves?

Why I started a tech business over 50

Latte Magazine – Business Chicks

What makes a woman over 50 kick off a tech startup? Founder of career-health and wellbeing platform Peeplcoach, CHRISTINE KHOR, says there’s myriad benefits to being older and bolder.

The power of purpose and partnerships when building brands and business

The How to Do Marketing Show

Running a small business can be pretty challenging. Particularly over the last couple of years where uncertainty has run fairly rife, and we’ve all had to embrace the art of changing plans at the drop of a hat. Something that Christine Khor strongly believes is that if we are tapped into a strong sense of purpose, a compelling mission and vision or a why, we actually manage to push through the challenges more successfully