How to measure the ROI of coaching

Every business around the world, every CEO and every human resource leader is scratching their head contemplating how they can attract, engage, develop and retain their employees

How much is enough to spend?

As individuals and leaders, we prioritise what is important and urgent, allocating resources to the areas of greatest need.

The tide goes out and the tide comes in

Whenever a new employee joins an organisation there is excitement, relief and sometimes a little fear. Generally the employer, but more specifically the manager, is excited to have finally found that amazing person to fill their vacancy.

The wave is coming – how strong a swimmer are you?

The United States has been hit by the great resignation wave and the ripples of this tsunami are now being felt across Australia. What is it? How will it affect you? Is there anything we can do to outswim the wave as it comes our way?

Appreciation in the Workplace

It is evident that we could all do with a little extra kindness and appreciation in our lives – to ourselves, for ourselves, to others and for others.

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Only with the complete picture, founded on honest and open feedback, will you be able to develop and implement the plans that can result in genuinely productive changes in your life, business and career. Can you handle the truth?

How to get SH!T done

No matter what is going on in the world or in our lives, we have to continue to get sh!t done. Each one of us has our own way of getting things accomplished – little tricks or processes to help us get through the never-ending minutiae required to do our jobs and lead our lives.

How to combat mental health in a post-COVID workplace

This increase in mental health issues has had a ripple effect across all parts of the community, from families and schools to workplaces and businesses. Some of the ways in which these mental health struggles are manifesting in the workplace.