Amplifying Your Learning and Development Dollar


Everyday CFOs, CMOs, COOs, CEOs, boards and shareholders ask the question, ‘What will be the return on this investment?’  

The investment might be a new manufacturing plant or piece of machinery, a new person to join the team, a marketing campaign, or a training, development or leadership program. Some investments are easy to measure. We employ a new sales person and they sell more product. Assuming that the new salesperson sells more than we pay them, there is a return on that investment. We invest in a new advertising campaign and we sell more of our product or service. Again, as long as the profit we generate from these additional sales is more than the cost of the marketing campaign then there is a return on investment.  

For other investments, such as training and development programs, it is not so easy to measure the ROI. 

Human resources and learning and development professionals know the return when investing in development programs. And we all know the cost of ineffective, untrained or incompetent leaders. But presenting a business case with dollars and ROI percentages has not always been easy to do ­– until now.  

The founders of Peeplcoach have built and led businesses in Australia and globally where business and investment decisions were only approved when ROI could be calculated. Peeplcoach has brought this same thinking to the learning and development industry. In simple terms, if the cost of the learning and development program is less than the increase in productivity or profit, or the minimisation of losses, then there is a return on investment.  

The Peeplcoach ROLD Calculator is an easy-to-use spreadsheet created to help learning and development and human resources professionals have commercial and fact-based discussions with the holders of the budget.  

This model includes the impact of costs such as employee productivity returns and gains, manager productivity, recruitment, onboarding, training and attrition, and calculates the return on investment of learning and development programs.  

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