It’s Time to Celebrate and Congratulate

December is a time to celebrate and congratulate. End-of-year parties around the world will highlight the contribution of individuals and teams. Bonuses will be paid (sometimes) and gifts to say thank you will be given. And let’s face it, 2022 has been tough, so any thanks or bonuses are well deserved. However, celebrating, acknowledging and spotlighting successes – especially your own – isn’t always an easy thing to do.  

At Peeplcoach our purpose is to partner with and support organisations as they invest and develop their teams, and specifically their ‘high-potential talent’. And we LOVE what we do. We have the opportunity to work with emerging, developing, executive and high-potential talent to build their leadership skills and their careers.  

Each leader we work with comes with different skills, experiences, blind spots and opportunities. However, there is a commonality among most of these leaders: they all have a tough ‘inner critic’ whispering in their ear. Perhaps this is why these people are so successful. They have that voice constantly pushing them, so they are driven, constantly looking for what they can do better. They are invested in their own growth and development, and critical of themselves and, sometimes, of others.  

One of the exercises we often ask our coachees to complete is an achievement diary. Once a day, week or month (depending on how loud their inner critic is) we ask them to write a list of their achievements – large or small. Many people find the task hard to comprehend, let alone complete. They are so used to finding fault, to things never being good enough, and they often find it hard to give themselves or others a high five.  

We understand this. Why? Because most of the Peeplcoach team are recovering victims of our own inner critics. We are driven, always trying to find a new way forward and looking to do better. Sometimes we, too, can forget to look at what we have achieved because we’re too busy focusing on what we have missed.  

So, in an act of bravery and role modelling and as another step in our personal recovery from being hostage to our inner critics, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the team at Peeplcoach and share with you some of our achievements.  

We want to give a shout-out to the tribe standing within and next to the Peeplcoach team, including our incredible partners Jenni Nash from EY, Julia Cameron from Rigby Cooke Lawyers, Nigel Rausch from Two Red Kites, Cara Stewart from The Long and the Short of It, Krys Sutton from The CRM Team and, of course, our incredible team of Master Coaches.  

And a huge thank you to all our client partners who are investing in supporting their teams, especially their emerging and developing leaders, to accelerate their personal, professional and business impact.  

Finally, in terms of our achievements as an organisation, here is a wrap-up of our successes in 2022.  

  • We have coached more than 1200 individuals through our leadership and career development programs.  
  • We are now partnering with more than 55 organisations.  
  • We are working with individuals and teams across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Vanuatu and Fiji.  
  • We have achieved a 9.5/10 coach satisfaction score from our coachees.  
  • We held our first face-to-face Leadership Symposium, with more than 100 attendees.  
  • We were recognised by Australian Financial Review as one of their 2022 Fast Starters top 100 
  • Our CEO, Christine Khor was a finalist in CEO Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year
  • We received the Structure Award from Seven Effects for creating clever content and designing a unique model. 
  • We were accepted as a portfolio partner with Head Over Heels

And through all of this we laughed, a lot, and cried, a little. 

What a year! Thank you to everyone who has played a role in our success, no matter how small or large. We’re excited about what 2023 will bring and are looking forward to working with you all. Until then, have a safe and happy festive season and here’s to an impactful new year!