10 easy steps YOU can take to increase engagement and productivity

In this post-COVID world, four key areas of concern and conversation have emerged for many leaders. They are:

  • the great resignation wave
  • rising interest rates
  • consumer and business confidence
  • employee engagement and development.

It is this fourth topic of conversation that is most impacting us here at Peeplcoach. Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet you can find thousands of research papers and case studies on this topic, with tips and advice on how to implement robust engagement strategies to drive productivity, retention and, ultimately, profitability.

At Peeplcoach we take a simplified approach. Some leaders will point the finger at the organisation or the human resources team for not providing the tools, budget or infrastructure needed to create engagement. However, we challenge this and ask you, as a leader, to consider what you are doing to increase engagement in your team.

As leaders, we challenge you to step up and make the changes needed to increase your team’s engagement. Here are ten easy steps you can implement today!

1.     Spend time with your team members

Ensure each member of your team understands the importance of their role and how they fit into the bigger picture. Ensure they know the value they are adding to the team and the wider organisation.

2.     Acknowledge the obstacles facing your team

Take the time to identify any obstacles faced by your team members. How can you help them clear these obstacles? It may be as simple as taking time to ask how they are and really listening to their answer. 

3.     Say thank you 

Acknowledge the contribution of all team members and colleagues.

4.     Support their aspirations

Ask team members to identify an aspirational work goal for today, this week or this month, then check in regularly to see how they are going and help keep them on track.

5.     Help team members plan their careers

Discuss career goals with individual team members and identify any training opportunities they would like to explore.

6.     Ask your team members for their opinions

Whether it is about a problem or a new project, ask your team what they think and listen to and discuss their responses.

7.     Show appreciation

Have a coffee with your work spouse or buddy. Tell them you appreciate them.

8.     Talk to people

Pick up the phone or go and speak to someone face to face instead of sending an email.

9.     Get personal 

Ask each of your team members individually how they, their family and even their dog is going. Tell them how you are going too – the highs and maybe the lows. Share a laugh to cement rapport.

10.  Be a coach

Be more than just a manager – aim to empower, not simply to tell people what to do.

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