Spending money can make money – here’s how!

Here are some facts.

FACT #1: 85% of employees are disengaged in their workplace.1

FACT #2: 91% of employees say that their leaders lack communication skills.2

FACT #3: Unengaged employees and bad leadership cost Australian businesses $55 billion and American businesses $500 billion per year.3

What does this all mean? It means that poor leadership, undertrained managers and poorly led teams are costing you money, and lots of it.

While there are many causes of lack of engagement, poor communication and low productivity, there is significant research drawing a link between these factors.

Poor leadership, management performance and communication => poor employee engagement=> billions of $ in lost productivity. And it’s hurting your business.

As a leader we know you see examples of this every day: mismanaged teams and projects, disillusioned and unengaged staff, and, over the last 18 months as a result of COVID-19, increased stress, poor management practices and decreased productivity as the weight of lockdowns, working from home and isolation take their effect on you, your leaders and your team.

These are all issues keeping CEOs, managers and human resources teams up at night. How can we create a space that will keep our employees safe, engaged and productive – and in turn create success for the business?

There are solutions, but they don’t come for free. Strategies include:

  • training and development for your leaders and your team
  • wellness and mental health programs
  • executive coaching
  • leadership programs.

Investing in your team will help build an engaged and productive workforce. Coaching works.

Here are the facts.

  • 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence. 4
  • More than 70% benefit from improved work performance and relationships, and more effective communication skills.4
  • 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching, and more.4

Research has shown that coaching works, and from our own experience at Peeplcoach we understand the benefits that individuals, teams and organisations will gain through participation in our programs.

  • Why does Peeplcoach work?
  • Confidential one-to-one coaching gives participants a safe space to discuss their career and business goals and their leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Coaches provide an alternative and objective perspective that can challenge current limiting thinking.
  • Customised programs allow for tailoring to meet the needs of your organisation and participants.
  • Peeplcoach programs provide individuals with time to think and reflect about the past and the future, rather than being eternally caught in the treadmill of the present.
  • Experienced coaches are trained to support, create clarity and improve communication and execution.

Investment in your employees is ultimately an investment in your business. And it’s an investment that will help you sleep better at night, knowing you are building a safe and productive environment with teams run by trained leaders who have the confidence and skills required to lead during these changing and often turbulent times.

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