Personal and Career Development in 2020 and Beyond

Over the last eight months, so many experts have made predictions and given advice about how COVID will affect business, what companies and business-owners need to do to be successful, and how industries will need to pivot to stay one step ahead. While advice may differ, one thing we can all agree on is that the way we work will change.

In my role as an executive recruiter and executive coach, I am seeing individuals and companies adapting in both positive and negative ways in response to the challenge of the pandemic.

Some of the positive changes we have seen include:

  • greater flexibility, especially in relation to working from home and part-time working
  • an increase in joint parenting and a greater desire for family involvement
  • business pivots and innovation
  • cultures and leaders being tested and validated
  • employees stepping up into their roles and aligning themselves with their teams, organisations and leaders
  • increased focus on personal and career development.

Sadly, we have also seen some very disappointing changes and actions, including:

  • poor leadership, involving short-term and reactionary thinking
  • opportunistic restructures and changes in employee remuneration and conditions while profits are maintained and, at times, even improved
  • businesses and individuals taking advantage of uncertain times and other people‚Äôs fears
  • increased focus on personal needs rather than on community needs
  • reduced budgets for training and development.

As we move forward into 2021 and beyond it is critical for individuals and organisations to take control of their futures. Successful businesses and individuals diligently and strategically allocate the time to reflect and plan, considering the following questions.

  • What has gone well?
  • What has not gone to plan?
  • What changes are required for future success?
  • What are the goals for the future?
  • What plans are required to achieve those goals?

In preparation for the year to come, take the time to complete our career and people audits to assess your performance and to develop your plans.

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