DIE: Bringing life to your business

The DIE principles – Diversity, Inclusion and Equality – are officially high on the agenda for many organisations. Millions of dollars are spent every year on DIE programs, such as those centred around unconscious bias, inclusive hiring processes and female development programs, to name just a few. And yet, the numbers are going backwards. The latest statistics show that in 2019 the percentage of female CEOs of ASX top 200 companies dropped from 7% to 6%; that 17 of these companies had no women on their executive; and 114 had no women in ‘line’ roles reporting to the executive team. Only 4% of employees at these companies have non-European backgrounds, and the numbers of employees from other minority groups are so minuscule that they are barely even researched.

But diversity is not only about colour of our skin, our gender or our sexual preference – it is about how we think, how we make decisions, and our problem-solving skills and experience. Now, more than ever, different approaches are required to ensure we manage ourselves, and our organisations, through and beyond COVID-19. Research study after research study has shown that more diverse organisations are more successful. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group indicated that organisations with greater diversity show increased levels of innovation, while the 2020 McKinsey ‘Diversity wins’ report demonstrates a clear link between diversity and profitability.

At Peeplcoach we believe there are two sides of the diversity coin: firstly, those from minority groups who can help contribute to diversity in organisations and secondly, the organisational gatekeepers. Both parties have a role to play in the journey towards diversity, inclusion and equality. At Peeplcoach our mission is to ensure that every person has equal opportunities and equal access to an experienced executive coach, when they need one, to accelerate their professional and business impact. We will never be able to create diverse and inclusive teams and organisations if we do not provide equal access to training and development.

Taking action is essential. So instead of talking more we are going to offer some practical actions for people to take to further the DIE cause.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Actions for Gate Keepers (decision makers)

  • Demand diverse and inclusive shortlists when interviewing for a role.
  • Allocate esources to developing diverse talent – time, money, training, coaching and development.
  • Take a test to understand your own unconscious bias. Here’s one we recommend: Harvard Test
  • Commit to a Panel Pledge and only join a board, speaker panel or recruitment panel if diverse views are represented.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Actions for the Diverse Themselves

  • Don’t make assumptions about others and how others might view you.
  • Don’t let others’ opinions of you define your own opinion of yourself. Their prejudice does not need to define your confidence.
  • Ask for what you want, put your hand up! If you only have 10% chance of success, it’s still a chance.
  • Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Acknowledge and accept them, don’t emphasise them.

DIE is the right thing to do and it makes great business sense so why wouldn’t you embrace it!? Reach out to find out more about our DIE programs at Peeplcoach.