What would you do if…

I was driving to work today listening to an audiobook and the aged old question “what would you do if “X” wasn’t stopping you? came up. I am one of the blessed people who are lucky enough, or some people have said stupid enough, to pursue my dreams irrespective of the cost and risks involved. Sometimes it has worked out and sometimes not, but I won’t not knowing.

So, when I heard the question today my answer was easy…..I would still be doing what I am currently doing, although I may do it differently. For example, if money wasn’t stopping me I would dedicate more resources to launching Peeplcoach.com more aggressively. If time wasn’t stopping me I might spend more time sleeping!!! If family wasn’t stopping me I might choose to work in another country. Although I might change things, overall I am lucky to do what I am passionate about – helping businesses become more profitable through people and helping individuals find jobs and careers that they love.

Unfortunately, from the coaching and recruitment work I do, I know that this is not the case for many other people. When I ask the question “What would you really like to do?” too often there is a blank look, a shrug of the shoulder or a simple “I don’t know”. On the other hand, some people do know what they would do but have already resigned themselves to the fact that it will never happen. I am not sure what is worse, not knowing what you would love to do or knowing and giving up?

In the words of Randall G Leighton “Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching”

Of course, we have to be practical. We can’t just pack our bags and join the circus because we wanted to be a clown when we were 5 years old. But are we really as stuck as we think we are?

Today take 10 minutes to dream a little and answer these questions:

  • If I had enough money I would….
  • If I had more time I would….
  • If I wasn’t so scared of failing I would….
  • If I had more confidence in myself I would….
  • If I wasn’t scared about what people would say or think about me I would….
  • If I followed my heart I would….

And when you have the answers to these questions, work out a plan to fulfil your dreams.